Supermanage AI

Supermanage AI is a management tool designed to help users efficiently prepare for one-on-one meetings. Its intuitive user interface displays insights gathered from public Slack channels, ensuring that managers are well-prepared before every meeting. The tool presents key information in a digestible format, making it easy to track contributions, challenges, engagement, and other key metrics.

The AI tol offers a unique feature that utilizes artificial intelligence to deliver a customized snapshot before every one-on-one meeting, magically distilling your public Slack channels in just two minutes. It allows users to efficiently gain all the necessary insights they need for the meeting. Supermanage AI also integrates seamlessly with Slack, ensuring a streamlined workflow.

The platform is designed for managers looking to have deeper, more meaningful one-on-one interactions. Its built-in AI-powered insights ensure managers have all the information they need to celebrate wins, address challenges, and engage effectively with team members.


  • Effortless Prep: Streamlines the preparation process for one-on-one meetings using AI-powered insights.
  • Signal Without Noise: Filters out irrelevant information to present only the most essential signals.
  • Contributions and Challenges: Displays insights about team members' contributions and challenges for informed discussions.
  • Engagement Tracking: Helps measure team engagement levels to ensure a thriving team environment.


  • As of now, the platform is under development and pricing details are yet to be revealed.

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