B12 AI Website Builder

B12 AI Website Builder is an AI-powered website creation platform designed to help businesses establish a professional online presence in just 60 seconds. The platform not only generates industry-specific websites with relevant content and images but also offers a suite of tools to manage client interactions, invoicing, payments, and more.

The AI tool primarily caters to businesses and professionals across various industries, from startups to established entities, seeking a seamless and efficient way to establish or enhance their online presence. Whether it's a local consultancy firm, a budding e-commerce store, or a seasoned law practice, B12 offers solutions tailored to their unique needs. With features ranging from basic scheduling tools to advanced client interaction systems, it's designed for those who value both quality and efficiency. Moreover, its user-friendly interface and AI-driven capabilities make it suitable for both tech-savvy individuals and those new to the digital realm, ensuring that every business, regardless of its size or technical expertise, can benefit from a professional online image.


  • Instant Website Generation: Advanced AI produces a professional website with the right pages, copy, images, and tools in under a minute.
  • Combine AI with Expertise: Orchestra, the AI system behind B12, collaborates with experts to produce better web pages faster. Users can work with professionals for extensive customization.
  • AI Assist for Content Creation: ChatGPT-powered AI writer drafts everything from taglines to full pages, enabling faster content updates.
  • DIY Editing: Edit the AI-generated website from both desktop and mobile, ensuring flexibility as the business evolves.
  • Cohesive Client Experience: All documents and client touchpoints, including forms, email templates, and invoices, automatically match the website and brand assets.


  • Limited Time Offer: Try B12 for $1/mo for the first 3 months.
  • Basic Plan ($49/month or $42/month billed yearly): Designed for businesses just starting out. Offers basic tools for tasks like scheduling and invoicing online. Save $84 with a 1-year subscription.
  • Professional Plan ($199/month or $169/month billed yearly): Ideal for businesses aiming to build a professional website with comprehensive features. Save $360 with a 1-year subscription. Additional do-it-for-you setup available for $1,999.
  • Advanced Plan ($399/month or $339/month billed yearly): Best for businesses scaling their online presence and organizing team interactions. Supports up to 5 users. Save $720 with a 1-year subscription. Additional do-it-for-you setup available for $1,999.
  • Starter Plan: Build a free website with appointment scheduling and the ability to accept online payments at no cost.

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