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Purple Wave

Purple Wave is an AI-powered tool that supercharges your business by providing a range of digital marketing solutions. With Purple Wave, you can instantly generate marketing assets, including funnels, sales pages, and email campaigns.

The platform offers features such as email marketing automation, online course creation, funnel building, and page building. It integrates with Stripe for easy payment collection, subscriptions, and one-click upsells. Additionally, Purple Wave enables you to create your own apps for Apple Store and Google Play, reaching a wider audience.

The platform's AI capabilities streamline the process of generating selling pages, providing copywriting, design, and development assistance. Purple Wave is designed to meet the needs of digital marketing teams and offers competitive advantages in the marketplace.


  • Instantly generate marketing assets: Complete funnels, sales pages, and email campaigns
  • Email marketing automation: Personalized messages, abandoned cart reminders, and consistent messaging
  • Online course creation: Bring your courses to life and showcase your knowledge
  • Funnel builder: Create and optimize sales funnels for better conversions
  • Page builder: Design professional and engaging pages with templates, no coding required
  • Stripe integration: Collect payments, offer subscription plans, and one-click upsells
  • Own apps on app stores: Launch your apps on Apple Store and Google Play
  • AI-powered page generator: Generate selling pages in minutes with AI assistance

Technical details:

  • AI-powered platform
  • Integration with Stripe for payment processing
  • Compatibility with Apple Store and Google Play
  • User-friendly interface with templates for easy customization
  • Regular updates and customer support

Pricing and Availability:

  • 7-day trial available for 1 USD
  • Pro Plan: USD $199/month
  • Enterprise Plan: USD $1299/month

Use Cases

Online Course Creation

Create and sell online courses to share knowledge and expertise with your audience.

Sales Funnel Creation

Generate complete sales funnels to guide customers through the purchasing process.

Email Marketing Campaigns

Automate personalized email campaigns, including abandoned cart reminders and consistent messaging.

Custom App Development

Build custom applications for Apple Store and Google Play, expanding your reach to a wider audience.

Sales Page Design

Design professional and engaging sales pages to showcase products or services.

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Listing Updated - May 2023 🤖


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Listing Updated - May 2023 🤖

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Listing Updated - May 2023 🤖

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