is an AI content writing tool that generates high-converting content for different purposes, such as emails, landing pages, long-form content, and more. It uses templates to help users write content faster and offers a content re-writer to repurpose old content. also helps improve Google rankings and ad conversions.

The platform has received positive feedback from various individuals and companies. It is available in multiple languages and offers an API. Users can get started for free and customize the tool to adapt to their preferences. offers content packs for different industries and roles, and provides discounts for non-profits and large volumes.


  • AI-powered content generation for various types of content, including website headlines/copy, brand/product descriptions, Google ad copy, social media posts, blog ideas, e-commerce product descriptions, and more.
  • Content packs with templates and prompts for specific types of content.
  • Content rewriter for repurposing old content.
  • Integration with popular platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and Amazon.
  • Customization options to train to adapt to your writing style.


  • Pricing plans available for individuals and teams, with a free trial available.
  • Discounts available for non-profits and larger volumes.
  • is available worldwide.

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