Olympia is an AI-powered virtual staffing platform designed to help users grow their business cost-effectively. It provides interactive and personalized responses through its user-friendly interface. The tool offers features like web search & browsing, memory & note taking, and team collaboration, which allows users to comprehensively manage their operations.

With plans starting at $19 per month, users can reap the benefits of a team of virtual consultants, equipped with expertise in multiple sectors such as business strategy, contract negotiation, copywriting, and sales. Olympia eliminates the hurdles of ChatGPT Plus, such as limiting 25 messages every 3 hours and is available around the clock without any restrictions.

The platform also integrates with popular tools such as Google for search capabilities, providing access to information and automatic browsing with an analysis of results. It caters to both bootstrapped startups and solopreneurs, enabling them to balance their work-life while achieving their business goals. Olympia’s consultants have both short and long-term memory features, adding convenience by reducing repetitive conversations.


  • Web Search & Browsing: Allows full internet search capabilities.
  • Memory & Note Taking: Consultants remember past conversations and store important facts.
  • Teamwork: AI team members collaborate and share knowledge with each other.
  • Security: Communication channels are encrypted ensuring user data safety.


  • Starter Plan ($19/Month): Best suited for individual users for basic functionalities.
  • Growth Plan (Price Varies): A more robust plan providing business growth functionalities.
  • Team Plan (Price Varies): Offers the same functionality as the Growth Plan at a lower price point per person.

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