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Renowned for its AI capabilities, Magic Studio brings photo editing into the modern age. This highly trusted tool empowers users worldwide to create stunning visuals for a range of purposes, from product pages and social media posts to ads, with no design skills required. Magic Studio is your personal AI sidekick for quick and efficient photo editing.

Used and loved by millions, it includes features such as instant cleanup, background remover, AI image generator, and an image upscaler, all designed to improve images remarkably. Whether it's turning selfies into professional headshots or creating intricate product photos with AI, Magic Studio delivers quality results for every user, from seasoned professionals to technology novices.

With both free and PRO plans, it caters to a variety of needs. The PRO plan allows access to additional perks such as unlimited AI generations, high-resolution downloads, and priority chat support. It also has other tools like Magic Eraser, Background Blur, and AI Art Generator, making it a comprehensive suite for all your image editing needs.

Magic Studio values data security, and ensures user data remains safe and secure. Available on both desktop and as a mobile application, it caters its services to everyone, with downloads counting in the millions. Magic Studio- the professional image studio accessible to everyone.


  • Product Photos: Empowers you to craft captivating product photos for pages, ads, social media posts, and more within minutes - no design skills required..
  • Profile Pictures:Transforms your selfies into stunning professional headshots in just 90 minutes using AI, eliminating the need for a professional photographer.
  • Imagine: Acts as your personal AI sidekick that paints with your imagination, generating images based on your verbal descriptions - draw anything, anywhere by just describing it.
  • Magic Eraser: Equipped with a smart feature to digitally clean up images instantly, erasing unwanted objects, people, or text with a simple brush stroke.
  • Background Eraser: Instantly change image backgrounds at a click, or remove them altogether to add coloured backgrounds or create compelling photos with blur effects.
  • AI-Powered: Utilizes the magic of AI to create art and graphics, generate images from text, upscale images to 4K without losing quality, and even convert different image formats.
  • Fast and Reliable: Trusted by millions worldwide, Magic Studio processes your images at the speed of thought, putting more power in your hands with every edited picture.
  • Easy to Use: Hassle-free and so simple, a five-year old could do it - immediately get started on desktop or mobile, and continue your project anywhere.


    • Free Use: Magic Studio is freely accessible for anyone to use. Under this plan, you can generate 40 AI images, download pictures in limited resolution, and will have to maintain the Magic Studio watermark. Only one image at a time can be edited under this plan. Email support is available for free users.
    • Monthly Paid Plan: Starting from $4.99 per month, the monthly plan offers complete PRO access across and within iOS & Android apps. It allows for unlimited AI image generations, high-resolution downloads without Magic Studio watermark, and bulk edits for selected tools. Under the paid plan, users also get priority support on chat.
    • 6 Monthly Paid Plan: Magic Studio offers a 6 monthly paid plan for users who require extended PRO access. The actual price details are not mentioned in the collected data.
    • Yearly Paid Plan: The yearly subscription is available at $59.99, providing universal PRO Access across and complete access in iOS & Android apps. The yearly plan includes unlimited AI image generations, high-resolution downloads without watermark, bulk editing, and priority chat support.
    • Magic Studio Pro (Popular): Magic Studio Pro is famed amongst users for its extensive features. It explores the potential of AI-enabled image modifications with benefits like high-resolution downloads with no watermark, bulk edits, and topmost priority support. In addition, it provides substantial storage for high-resolution image downloads.

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