Klap is a video editing tool designed to help users create ready-to-publish TikTok, Reel and Short videos in just one click. The user interface is intuitive and makes video editing a breeze with its AI-powered features. The tool offers an AI-edited clips feature that identifies the best topics within your uploaded videos to make the video more engaging. It also has features like auto-reframe on faces and beautiful generated captions.

Klap also allows users to style their videos according to their preference, giving a personal touch to each creation. The platform integrates with social media platforms, allowing easy sharing of videos across various channels.

Klap is designed for video content creators looking to save time and effort in creating engaging short videos. Its AI-powered features ensure that your videos are always captivating and personalized.


  • AI-Edited Clips: Identifies the best parts of your uploaded videos to create engaging clips.
  • Auto-Reframe: Intelligent cropping including face detection technology to keep the most captivating parts of the video in focus.
  • Generated Captions: Creates beautiful captions for your videos.


  • Free Plan: Allows users to upload videos up to 30 mins long and offers 1 trial video.
  • Pro Plan ($29/month): Allows users to upload videos up to 2 hours long with many other premium features. For longer videos, special plans can be arranged upon contact.

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