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Jigso Sidekick serves as your artificial intelligence command center, improving work efficiency by babysitting your work apps, managing action items, and providing alerts on what's important, all in a convenient chat form. This innovative productivity tool not only assists with task management but also provides intelligent summaries of long discussions, documents, and more. It's like having an all-seeing AI assistant in your Slack workspace.

Whether it's tracking sales pipelines, open tasks, or client mentions, Jigso keeps you in the know. It's effectively a game-changer across industries and teams, noted for its ability to deliver instant information on demand ranging from revenue data to Google docs.

On top of these, Jigso also leverages the power of ChatGPT 4.0 to cater to content generation needs. This means you can trust Jigso to generate emails, posts, and other text content on your behalf, simplifying your daily work.

Jigso is praised for its efficient reminders, summarizing capabilities, and automation of action items. It's particularly popular among professionals using Slack for communication - offering reassurance that no action item or essential detail is ever overlooked. The tool provides three plans, namely Basic, Pro, and Enterprise, catering to individual professionals, busy users, and large organizations respectively.

Jigso Sidekick, with its dedicated focus on ensuring accuracy and efficiency, stands out in task management and overall productivity enhancement field.


  • Track: Jigso helps users keep track of everything from sales pipelines, client mentions to open tasks and issues, and even sends alerts on them.
  • Ask: Designed to fetch crucial information instantly whether it's revenue data, sales deals or just some open tickets and Google docs.
  • Boost Efficiency: Jigso ensures users stay organized by managing important information, setting reminders, sorting tasks and helping users stay on track.
  • Summarize: Turn lengthy discussions in Slack, documents, articles, and more into concise summaries with its ingenious summarization feature.
  • Generate content: Leverages the power of ChatGPT 4.0 to generate a broad range of text including emails, posts, ideas, and more.


  • Free Plan ($0/Per Month): Ideal for users who want to get started and experience the power of this AI command center.
  • Pro Plan ($18.99/Per Month, billed monthly or $15/Per month, billed annually): Perfect for users who need substantial control and elite features to manage more complex tasks  and save 20% when billed annually.
  • Enterprise Plan (Quote Based): The ultimate package for larger organizations seeking enterprise-grade features and bespoke arrangements.

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