Jigso Sidekick

Jigso Sidekick is a productivity tool designed to help users stay on top of their work and increase efficiency. The user interface is designed with a minimalist view, featuring various prompts and alerts for action items, comments, and new data points. It even allows users to query their apps, documents, or spreadsheets, speeding up daily tasks directly from their Slack platform.

The tool is embedded with ChatGPT 4.0, which enables the generation of emails, posts, ideas, and any other required text. With the integration to Slack, Sidekick ensures that you never overlook an action item. It also serves as a fantastic briefing tool, providing super brief versions of docs, websites, articles, and long Slack threads. This platform is intended for users looking to streamline their work and boost efficiency. Its unique feature of swiftly and intelligently summarizing lengthy information sets it apart from other productivity tools.


  • Track: Alerts users of any actions required or comments.
  • Ask: Allows querying of apps, documents, or spreadsheets.
  • Boost Efficiency: Helps users remain organized by sorting tasks and setting reminders.
  • Summarize: Provides brief versions of extensive information.
  • Generate content: Generates needed text with ChatGPT 4.0 integration.


  • Free Plan ($0/Per Month): Perfect for users who want to get started and see what the tool is all about.
  • Pro Plan ($15/Per Month, billed annually or $16.5/Month): Suitable for users who need a more advanced tool for their substantial tasks.
  • Enterprise Plan (Quote Based): Best for organizations in need of enterprise-grade features.

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