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BeFunky is an all-in-one online Creative Platform that provides tools for photo editing, graphic design, and creating photo collages. With BeFunky's Photo Editor, users can easily crop, resize, and enhance their images with precision. The Artsy filters offer a unique look to photos, resembling classic paintings, sketches, cartoons, and more.

Batch Processing allows users to edit multiple photos simultaneously. The Background Remover, powered by Artificial Intelligence, detects the main subject in a photo and removes the background with just one click. BeFunky also offers Touch Up tools for retouching portraits and selfies.

The Collage Maker includes a Collage Wizard that builds collages automatically or provides customizable layouts for a personalized touch. For graphic design, BeFunky's Graphic Designer offers drag-and-drop simplicity with professionally designed templates and easy-to-use tools. The platform also provides access to a vast collection of free stock images, vector graphics, and icons. BeFunky aims to simplify photo editing and graphic design, making it accessible to everyone.


  • Photo Editor: Crop, resize, and enhance images with precision. Apply unique Artsy filters for a creative look. Batch Processing for editing multiple photos at once. Touch Up tools for portrait retouching.
  • Collage Maker: Create stunning online photo collages. Collage Wizard builds collages automatically or choose from customizable layouts.
  • Graphic Designer: Design custom graphics with ease. Drag-and-drop simplicity with professionally designed templates. Easy-to-use tools for creative projects.

Technical Details:

  • Platform: Online Creative Platform
  • Tools: Photo editing, graphic design, collage making
  • Features: Crop and resize photos, apply filters and effects, batch processing, background remover, retouch portraits, one-click collage maker, customizable design templates, access to free stock images and vector graphics.

Pricing and Availability:

  • BeFunky offers a subscription plan called BeFunky Plus, which provides access to all the premium features of the tool.
  • The BeFunky Plus subscription can be billed annually at £47.88 or monthly at £7.99.
  • By choosing the annual billing option, customers can save 50% compared to the monthly plan.
  • The subscription can be canceled at any time, giving users flexibility and control over their membership.
  • BeFunky Plus offers a range of advanced features, including AI-powered enhancements, smart editing tools, one-click background remover, batch image editor, and beautification tools for portraits.

Use Cases

Smart Image Layer Editing

Efficiently edit and manage image layers

Font Management

Organize and manage fonts for design projects

Extended Fonts

Access an extended library of fonts

Vector Graphics

Utilize vector graphics in designs and projects

Design Templates

Access a library of pre-designed templates

Photo Frames

Decorate photos with a variety of frames

Collage Creation

Create beautiful collages with ease

A.I. Artsy Effects

Transform photos into artistic masterpieces

Texture Layers

Apply texture overlays to add depth to images


Add overlays to photos for creative effects

Background Removal

Remove backgrounds from images with one click

Filters & Effects

Apply premium photo filters and effects


Enhance portraits and make them look stunning

Batch Editing

Edit multiple images simultaneously

Photo Editing

Enhance and edit photos with advanced features

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Listing Updated - May 2023 🤖


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