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REimagine is an AI-powered design tool that can transform any space into a new vision or provide inspiring designs in seconds. It can be used for various spaces such as outdoor living, kitchen, bathroom, dining, bedroom, and kids' room. The tool can detect room types, evaluate architectural elements, and understand preferred design styles and color preferences.

It can also redesign furnished spaces and exterior spaces like landscaping and patios. Users can try the tool for free by signing up and uploading an image or using a sample image. Privacy and cookie policy and terms of use are provided on the website.


  • AI-powered tool for redesigning any space
  • Can detect room types, evaluate architectural elements, and understand design preferences
  • Redesigns furnished spaces and exterior spaces like landscaping and patios
  • Provides inspiring designs in seconds

Technical Details:

  • Uses AI algorithms to analyze input images and create new designs
  • Considers all architectural elements, furniture pieces, and color preferences
  • Offers a variety of design styles to choose from

Pricing and Availability:

  • Offers a free trial for users to try the tool

Use Cases

Color Scheme Selection

The tool can offer a variety of color schemes to choose from and can also consider user preferences for color selection.

Furniture Redesign

The tool can automatically redesign furnished spaces by considering all architectural elements and furniture pieces.

Exterior Design

The tool can redesign exterior spaces like landscaping and patios by considering architectural elements and furniture.

Interior Design

The tool can redesign any space with its AI algorithms, evaluating architectural elements and design preferences.

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Listing Updated - May 2023 🤖

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