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GitMind AI is a free, online, AI-powered mind mapping and brainstorming tool that enables users to create and collaborate on mind maps, flowcharts, organizational charts, UML diagrams, and swimlanes.It is intended to encourage the exchange of ideas and collaboration, making it an ideal tool for planning, management, decision-making, and knowledge accumulation.

With GitMind AI, you can easily convert your ideas into visually appealing mind maps. With a single click, the AI-powered mind map generator can convert your text into mind maps, saving you time and effort. On your mobile device, you can create a variety of documents, such as concept maps, project plans, to-do lists, meeting minutes, and more.

GitMind AI provides a number of features to assist you in capturing, organising, and sharing your ideas. It can generate a list of related ideas to your topic, create outlines for your essays, plans, notes, articles, and more, and provide a powerful knowledge base to help you make decisions. You can share your mind maps with a single click via a web link, collaborate with your team in real-time, and access your mind maps from anywhere, at any time.

In addition to mind mapping capabilities, provides a number of customization options. You can use well-designed colour themes and over 100 mind map templates to enrich a topic, insert images, icons, summaries, and comments, and apply various layouts and structures such as mind map, org chart, tree chart, fishbone diagram, timeline, and more. It is not only a useful tool for individuals, but it is also a valuable resource for businesses and educational institutions. It aids teams in coming up with new ideas, keeping track of multiple tasks, and completing projects successfully. It is an effective tool for students and teachers to take notes in class, improve memory, boost creativity, create lesson plans, give presentations, and organise research materials.

GitMind AI can also be used as a notepad, notebook, or whiteboard to jot down ideas, plans, to-do lists, and daily schedules. Your mind maps will be automatically synced to the GitMind Windows, Mac, and Web versions, and you can save and export them to image and PDF formats.


  • AI-powered mind mapping: Ask a question and copy the answer to make mind maps.
  • Insert: Add images, icons, summaries, and comments to nodes.
  • Move: Drag-and-drop functionality for easy editing.
  • Themes: Beautiful built-in themes for customization.
  • Templates: Hundreds of templates to suit your needs.
  • Styling: Rich styling options for every part of your mind map.
  • Layouts: Various layouts including mind map, logic chart, org chart, fishbone diagram, flowchart, timeline.
  • Fold branches: Keep your documents organized with this feature.
  • OCR: Extract text from image and convert text to mind map.
  • Outliner: Outline your thoughts and ideas hierarchically.
  • Read mode: Provides a pleasant reading experience.
  • View: Zoom in/out canvas; Landscape view.
  • Sync: Save mind maps to the cloud automatically & sync across devices.
  • Share: Share via a link with a password.
  • File permissions: Change view/edit permissions.
  • Import XMind file (GitMind web version).
  • Export: PDF, JPG image.


  • Basic (Free): Offers up to 10 mind maps, 20 AI attempts, upload up to 30 images per file, 10 slide show attempts, 1 planet, invite up to 5 members per planet, and sync across all platforms.
  • 3 Years Plan ($2.19 per month): Offers 6 years of membership for the price of 3 years, with the same benefits as the annual and monthly subscribers.
  • Annual Plan ($4.08 per month): Offers unlimited mind maps, AI usage, image uploads (up to 500 images per file), slide show attempts, up to 5 planets, invite up to 30 members per planet, sync across all platforms, and priority support.
  • Monthly Plan ($9 per month): Offers the same benefits as the annual plan but on a monthly basis.

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