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Interior AI

Interior AI is an AI image generator that allows users to decorate their rooms with the help of AI. The user has to upload a 2D image of the room, select one of the 32 pre-selected designs, and the AI generates the final image with a new look. The AI also has the ability to remove decorations in a room before applying new ideas. Interior AI offers a free plan with five renders, while the Pro plan costs $29 per month or $249 per year. Some generated images are exceptional, while others are nightmares, but the program still assists people in discovering fresh concepts and ideas for their houses.


  • Interior design mockups and virtual staging using AI
  • Free to use with the option to upgrade to Pro for a private workspace and high-quality renders
  • AI detects the construction of the room and tries to avoid changing it in virtual staging mode
  • Interior design mode provides more creative ideas
  • Mix mode allows for combining results from both virtual staging and interior design modes
  • Multiple styles available to choose from, including Tropical, Modern, Minimalist, Contemporary, Scandinavian, Zen, Midcentury modern, and Easter
  • Uploads and renders are shown on the site but automatically deleted after 15 minutes for privacy

Technical details:

  • Upgraded from Stable Diffusion 1.5 to 2.1 on March 4, 2023
  • Requires an image of the current room, taken at a 90° straight angle facing a wall or window horizontally for best results
  • Auto-deleted renders take 7 seconds at low resolution
  • Private HQ renders and a watermark-free workspace available with Pro upgrade
  • Other AI projects by @levelsio include Photo AI, Avatar AI, and This House Does Not Exist

Cost and Availability:

  • Free to use with an option to upgrade to Pro for $9/month or $79/year


Use Cases

Creative Design Projects for Designers and Architects

Designers and architects can use Interior AI's interior design mode to generate ideas for creative design projects. The AI can generate images in a range of styles and can be used to brainstorm ideas for residential or commercial projects.

Personalized Design Recommendations for Online Furniture Retailers

Online furniture retailers can use Interior AI to offer personalized design recommendations to their customers. By having customers upload an image of their current room, the AI can generate recommendations for furniture and decor that would complement the space's existing style.

Design Inspiration for Home Decor Retailers

Home decor retailers can use Interior AI to generate inspirational images for their social media channels or online storefronts. The AI can generate images in a range of styles, allowing the retailer to appeal to different design preferences and showcase their products in a range of settings.

Interior Design for Businesses

Businesses can use Interior AI's interior design mode to generate creative ideas for their office spaces, restaurants, or other commercial spaces. The AI can provide a range of styles to choose from, such as Modern, Minimalist, or Midcentury Modern, making it easy to envision how the space might look with different design choices.

Virtual Staging for Real Estate

Real estate agents can use Interior AI's virtual staging mode to showcase properties to potential buyers without the cost or hassle of physically staging a property. The AI can detect the room's construction and avoid changing it, making the staged photos look more natural.

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