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QR Code AI is an innovative marketing tool that helps users boost their marketing campaigns with AI-customized QR codes. This advanced QR Code technology is designed not only to align with your brand aesthetics, but also to effectively stimulate customer engagement. The tool allows businesses to design QR codes for various types of content, including websites, social media profiles, contact information, and more.

The AI-driven platform goes beyond standard black-and-white QR codes. It creates personalized, interactive art pieces that reflect your brand identity, facilitate higher scan rates, and deliver actionable analytics. With AI-generated QR codes, ranging from artistic interpretations of Japanese temples to scenic winter forests, your QR codes aren't just functional - they are distinctive art pieces that resonate with your audience.

QR Code AI offers extensive customization capabilities, featuring an extensive library of templates and providing adaptive customization according to the platform's style. Users enjoy an up to 30% lift in scan rates thanks to the tool's intelligent design for increased visibility and engagement. Moreover, the generated QR codes are designed to adapt and resonate with your brand identity, ensuring consistency and recognition at every scan.

The tool provides an advanced analytics feature allowing businesses to maximize their campaign ROI by deriving actionable insights from QR code scans. It further simplifies teamwork with dedicated spaces for managing, designing, and analyzing QR codes, enhancing productivity and creativity.

QR Code AI's intuitive platform streamlines your QR code management, making it a suitable solution for enhancing branding efforts, digital ad campaigns, product packaging, corporate events, or any multi-faceted marketing strategy.

Pricing plans include a suite of advanced features such as unlimited QR codes, smart links, page links, editable options, commercial license, and priority support, depending on the plan.


    • Custom QR Code Creation: AI algorithms generate distinctive QR codes that align with your brand's aesthetics.
    • Brand Enhancement: AI-infused QR codes incorporate your brand's color palette and logo, fostering a consistent brand image.
    • Increased Customer Engagement: QR codes designed to captivate attention and spur more scans, leading to increased customer interaction.
    • Platform-Specific Customization: AI adapts QR codes to match the style of your chosen platform automatically.
    • Strengthened Team Collaboration: Features dedicated workspaces for team management, design, and QR code analysis.
    • Decision-Driving Analytics: Leverage deep analytics to transform QR code scans into actionable insights and maximize campaign ROI.
    • QR Code Management: Manage all your QR codes centrally with this easy-to-use, intuitive platform.
    • Extensive Template Selection: Access extensive libraries of templates to customize your QR codes, aligning with your branding strategy.


      • Starter Plan: $16/month-With first month 75% off bringing it to $4 for the first month, this plan offers unlimited QR codes, smart links, and page links. The plan also allows users to remove watermarks on their QR codes and enhance user experience with direct scan redirection eliminating the 5-second wait.
      • Pro Plan: $28/month-The first month comes at 50% off bringing it to $14. In addition to all the features in the Starter plan, the Pro plan offers customizable style prompts, access to all AI templates, custom short links, editing options, and detailed analytics. The Pro plan also includes a commercial license.
      • Scale Plan: $89/month-This plan, perfect for enterprises, in addition to offering all the features in the Pro Plan also provides unlimited teams, faster QR code generation speed, an enterprise license, and priority support.

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