PimEyes is a face search engine that scans the internet for pictures of particular faces using facial recognition technology. It allows users to submit a photo and control where that image shows online, making it possible for users to keep track of their online identity and safeguard their privacy. The tool highlights how it fights unauthorised image use, identity theft, and scamming by utilising cutting-edge technology like artificial intelligence and machine learning.

By comparing measurements between various facial features in the uploaded image and those in other images accessible online, PimEyes' technology analyses facial traits. PimEyes doesn't preserve photographs from the internet, but it does retain a database of measurements of face features from images it has seen online. The business states that the search accuracy is 90% or thereabouts, however there are several variables that might affect this, like the quality of the face images that are put into the system .


  • Facial Recognition Search: PimEyes uses advanced facial recognition technology to compare measurements between different facial features in an uploaded image and those in other images found online.
  • Internet Scouring: The tool scours the internet for images containing specific faces. It doesn't save images from the internet, but it keeps an index of facial-feature measurements from photos it has found.
  • Search Accuracy: The company claims the search accuracy of PimEyes is around 90%. However, the accuracy can depend on various factors, such as the quality of face images fed into the system.
  • Privacy Protection: PimEyes emphasizes personal privacy and encourages users to use the tool to protect their online image presence.
  • Opt-Out Request: PimEyes provide an opt-out request process for individuals who wish to exclude their photos from the search results.


  • Unlock Current Results (£14.99/one-time): One-time purchase for one-time use, access to 1 current search, source results (websites/images), and exported results as PDF & CSV.
  • Open Plus Plan (£29.99/mo): One-month access, 25 daily searches, access to source results (websites/images), up to 3 PimEyes’ Alerts, and dedicated support.
  • PROtect Plan (£78.99/mo): One-month access, 25 daily searches, access to source results (websites/images), up to 15 PimEyes’ Alerts, dedicated support, current/future result management, up to 80 DMCA/GDPR takedown notices drafting/sending. Different takedown packages are available: PROtect with 120 agent minutes (~40 takedowns), PROtect Plus with 240 agent minutes (~80 takedowns).
  • Advanced Plan (£293.98/mo): One-month access, unlimited daily searches, access to source results (websites/images), up to 500 PimEyes’ Alerts, dedicated support, Deep Search feature, and PDF/CSV results exporting.

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