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Microsoft CoPilot

Microsoft CoPilot - AI Features, Pricing & Use Cases

Microsoft CoPilot, an AI-driven assistance tool integrated into Microsoft Edge, is designed to improve your productivity and enhance your web experience. This application uses deep search technology to provide comprehensive, AI-generated answers to your queries. Its standout features include Summarized Answers, which distill complex information from the internet into easily digestible portions, and Compose, a tool that offers writing inspirations. It also includes the AI-powered Image Creator, which combines search, chat, and image creation tools into a single function.

Microsoft has expanded CoPilot's capabilities through a premium version known as CoPilot Pro. Available for a $20 monthly subscription, CoPilot Pro offers AI-powered features in Office apps including Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Outlook, and improved image generation tools. This Pro version also supports faster image creation with higher levels of detail than the free version. Furthermore, subscribers have access to exclusive features like Designer, which uses the DALL-E 3 model for content generation, and tools for improving document drafts and rewriting paragraphs in Word. CoPilot Pro also offers useful tools for streamlining communication in Outlook, including email summaries and suggestions for improving email clarity.

Despite some limitations, it is clear that Microsoft's CoPilot Pro represents substantial advancements in user assistance and productivity tools. While it might still need some refinement, it offers an enticing glimpse into Microsoft's AI-led vision of the future. This unique tool combined with reward options, mobile support, and continuous updates from Microsoft, demonstrates the potential of AI in revolutionizing our internet experiences.


  • Deep search feature to enhance and refine search results
  • Chat-based interactions for a more engaging search experience
  • AI-powered rewards system
  • Summarized answers for quick information extraction
  • Mobile-friendly for accessibility across devices
  • AI-powered Image Creator for advanced searching and creating images
  • Compose feature for inspiring and drafting content
  • Included AI features in Office apps with Copilot Pro subscription
  • Improved image generation tools with Copilot Pro subscription
  • Design feature in Office apps for image and text generation
  • Feature to visualize numerical data as a graph or table in Word
  • Email summarization feature in Outlook
  • Slide generation feature in PowerPoint
  • Data visualization, insights and formula suggestions in Excel
  • Note summarization and text rewriting features in OneNote


  • Free to use for all users
  • Copilot Pro is available at $20 per month
  • Pro subscription includes AI features in Office apps
  • Pro users have improved image generation tools
  • Has the ability to generate 100 images per day for Pro users, faster than the free version
  • Pro users get priority access to the latest OpenAI models
  • Subscribers of Pro version have AI capabilities unlocked inside Office apps
Last Updated
July 5, 2024 17:07

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