KeywordSearch is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered marketing tool designed to help users enhance their ad audience targeting and increase conversions. The user interface is intuitive and easy to navigate, providing a seamless workflow for setting up ad audiences. AIBoost includes a set of AI marketing tools such as the AI Audience Builder, one-click Google Ads sync feature, Keyword Topic Auto Expansion, and YouTube ad spy tool.

The AI Audience Builder allows users to create high-performing ad audiences within seconds. The one-click Google Ads sync feature simplifies the process of integrating the audiences into Google Ads. The Keyword Topic Auto Expansion tool assists with content creation and channel growth, providing tailored recommendations for video ideas, titles, tags, and optimized descriptions. And finally, the YouTube ad spy tool offers access to a vast database of YouTube ads and enables users to stay informed about industry trends, successful ad strategies and benchmark their own campaigns.

The platform is designed for businesses seeking to optimize their ad efforts through AI-powered audience targeting. AIBoost's unique features such as the AI Audience Builder and Google Ads one-click sync create an efficient and effective method for businesses to reach their intended audiences.


  • AI Audience Builder: Helps to create optimum ad audiences using AI algorithms.
  • One-Click Google Ads Sync: Simplifies the process of integrating audiences into Google Ads.
  • Keyword Topic Auto Expansion: Assists in content and channel growth by providing tailored recommendations.
  • YouTube Ad Spy: Provides access to a large database of YouTube ads and useful insights for campaign optimization.


  • Basic Plan ($50/Month): Offers basic AI Audience Builder features and limited access to the YouTube Ad Spy database.
  • Pro Plan ($100/Month): Includes full AI Audience Builder capabilities, unlimited access to YouTube Ad Spy, one-click Google Ads sync, and Keyword Topic Auto Expansion.

KeywordSearch, with its advanced AI capabilities, presents an efficient and powerful solution to supercharge your ad audiences.

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