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HoppyCopy - AI Features, Pricing & Use Cases

HoppyCopy is a web-based AI writing tool that aids in creating exceptional email marketing campaigns, newsletters, product descriptions, and drip sequences in no time. It is primarily designed for business owners, marketers, creators, and agencies and has been proven effective for over 20,000 users. Unlike other AI tools that cater generally to all content creators, HoppyCopy's AI focuses on helping email marketers by writing high-converting copy according to proven templates for various campaign scenarios.

Decidedly more than just an email writing tool, HoppyCopy comes with a powerful editor that users can employ to conceive unique campaign concepts, captivating headlines, and impactful calls to action. Its innovative content converter can turn blogs into emails, emails into tweets, and tweets into text messages, promoting seamless and consistent messaging across multiple platforms. Notably, HoppyCopy's AI is capable of auto-generating fresh copy and imagery, almost making your newsletter write itself!

Being mindful of your email performance, HoppyCopy incorporates a spam checker tool. The tool automatically highlights spam keywords in your content that might land your emails in the junk folder and provides alternative keyword suggestions to improve open rates. It also facilitates export of content or direct sending to your email list.

Stay ahead of the competition with HoppyCopy. Users can spy on their competitors' email strategies by accessing thousands of newsletters from top brands and automatically capturing competitor's emails in real time. Alongside, HoppyCopy lets you turn your raw text into visually appealing design outputs and further enlivens your content with creative AI images and GIFs.

HoppyCopy offers a 7-day free trial with no credit card required and a 100% no-risk, money-back guarantee within 30 days of a paid upgrade. It offers 3 main plans: the Starter plan at $23 per month includes 20,000 words and 10 AI images per month, monitoring of 10 competitors, and capacity for 1 user and workspace; the Pro plan at $39 per month expands the capacity to 100,000 words, 100 AI images, monitoring of 25 competitors, and room for 3 users and workspaces; Pro+ at $79 per month allows even larger allowances and is meant for growing teams. For larger teams, HoppyCopy offers a customized solution starting at $199 per month. Plans also include access to unlimited brand voices and assets and an email list, varying based on the plan's capacity.


  • Versatile AI Writing: Provides robust email campaign and newsletter writing in seconds, with a diverse range of over 50 AI-aided templates for maximum efficiency and impact.
  • Track Competitor Email Strategy: Intuitive tracking of competitors' email techniques and access to a wide array of newsletters from leading brands.
  • Convert and Repurpose Content: Efficiently convert blog posts to emails, emails to tweets, and tweets to texts for consistent messaging across various channels.
  • Lower Spam Scores: Perform spam checks to increase open rates and improve inbox deliverability.
  • AI-Assisted Creativity: Augment your content with AI-generated images & GIFs, bringing a creative flair to your emails and newsletters amidst the flood of general AI tools.
  • Text to Design: Turn text documents into striking designs to add a visually appealing touch to your content.
  • Utilize Beyond Email: Extends usability beyond emails to assist in writing other types of digital marketing content, ensuring a uniform brand message.
  • Flexible Export & Send Options : Convenient export of content or direct sending to your mailing list, enhancing your workflow and productivity.
  • Newsletter Creator: Unique tool to generate fresh ideas, copy and imagery for newsletters, taking them from idea to execution in a snap.
  • Cost-Effective Plans & Trials : Attractive pricing with a 7-day FREE trial and a 100% No-Risk, Money Back Guarantee within 30 days of upgrade, offering the perfect balance between functionality and affordability.
  • Inclusive and Accessible: Web-based solution that can be accessed on any phone, Mac, PC, or iPad.


  • Free Trial: 7 days, no credit card required. Try the Newsletter Creator to generate fresh ideas, copy, and imagery with a click.
  • Starter Plan ($23/month): Tailored for individual creators and marketers, this plan allows you to generate up to 20,000 words and 10 AI images per month. You can monitor up to 10 competitors, email up to 1,000 subscribers and it includes unlimited brand voices & assets, 1 user, and 1 workspace.
  • Pro Plan ($39/month): Ideal for growing creators and small teams, the Pro Plan includes up to 100,000 words and 100 AI images generated per month. Monitor up to 25 competitors, email up to 3,000 subscribers, and enjoy the benefits of unlimited brand voices & assets. This plan includes up to 3 users and 3 workspaces.
  • Pro+ Plan ($79/month): For growing teams looking to scale, generate up to 300,000 words and 300 AI images per month. Monitor up to 50 competitors and email up to 10,000 subscribers (*additional $30/mo for every 10,000 subscribers). This plan also includes unlimited brand voices & assets, up to 5 users, and 5 workspaces. For more users & words, contact HoppyCopy.
  • Larger team?: Let's scale your brand with plans starting at $199/mo. Benefits include more team members, more workspaces, more competitors monitored, more AI content, early access to new features, and a dedicated Account Manager. Contact HoppyCopy for more details.
  • HoppyCopy provides a 100% No-Risk, Money Back Guarantee. If you're not satisfied after 30 days, you can get a full refund. All plans include a variety of features such as AI templates, email sequence planner, competitor monitoring, collaboration tools, and support.
Last Updated
July 5, 2024 17:07

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