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DeepBrain AI is not only an award-winning video creation tool, but it is also trusted by industry leaders globally for its distinct range of capabilities. It efficiently utilizes AI technology to generate high-quality, interactive, and realistic videos through AI avatars, and offers text-to-speech features in over 80 languages, making it a preferred choice for a worldwide audience. With its user-friendly interface and extensive library of free support resources, no prior experience is required to use the tool.

The tool boasts a wide range of pricing plans tailored to cater to the needs of individuals, teams, and enterprises. The Personal plan, designed for individuals starting with AI-powered video solutions offers an AI Video Editor, AI Avatars, Text to Speech, Publishing tools, free support and updates. The Team plan offers all Personal features along with collaboration tools, advanced AI avatars, workflow automation, and priority support for driving genuine business value. The Enterprise plan includes all Team features and offers custom AI avatars, API Access, Dedicated Account Manager, Enterprise-grade security, and more, to fully power your video production process.

DeepBrain AI's Video Editor and the selection of AI Avatars allow you to efficiently script, generate, and publish your videos. Its broad library including over 100 easily customizable video templates and royalty-free design assets helps in creating professional videos, eliminating the need for external equipment. The tool also provides the ability to transition your PowerPoint slides into video scenes, ensuring a seamless workflow. The generated videos can be previewed before publishing and remain on your dashboard for unlimited downloads. The platform also supports direct video sharing on various social media platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok.

Beyond its basic offerings, DeepBrain AI also offers a unique feature, allowing the creation of custom 2D or 3D AI avatars that support real-time conversations with full HD Quality. Its distinctive avatar-led voiceovers can be generated in 80+ languages, with customizable accents and tones. Moreover, the tool can integrate with any tech stack through DeepBrain AI's API, truly transforming your video creation process.

DeepBrain AI is also recognized for its impact on various industries by introducing innovative AI solutions. Their extensive client testimonials and success stories attest to its effectiveness and ease-of-use. Coupling this with dedicated customer support via chat during working hours and an extensive library of articles and guides, DeepBrain AI aims to provide a comprehensive solution to all your video creation needs.


  • AI Avatars and Tools: Choose from 80+ realistic digital avatars, create custom avatars for your videos or explore AI Voices in 80+ languages.
  • Text To Speech: Features text to speech capabilities in over 80 languages, including translation services.
  • Prebuilt and Customizable Video Templates: Easy-to-use and stylized editable templates for creating different types of videos with the addition of more than 100 easily customizable templates for all use cases.
  • Online AI Video Editor: User-friendly AI Video Editor that lets you create AI-generated images and videos in any style with no experience or equipment necessary. Also, allows for the import of any .OTF or .TTF font files, brand logos and design elements.
  • 2D & 3D AI Avatar: Create immersive experiences with custom 2D and 3D avatars. Avatars are royalty-free and can be positioned multiple times in a scene with dedicated script editors. Additionally, direct avatar movements to highlight key script moments.
  • Social Media Integration & Publishing tools: Easily share your videos on popular social media platforms. Also comes with an export functionality where videos remain on your dashboard for unlimited downloads.


    • Personal Plan (Price not specified): Ideal for individuals starting with AI-powered video solutions, includes AI video editor, AI avatars, text to speech, publishing tools, and free support and updates.
    • Team Plan (Price not specified): Designed for teams driving business with AI, includes all features of the Personal plan, additional collaboration tools, advanced AI avatars, workflow automation, and priority support.
    • Enterprise Plan (Custom pricing): Ideal for organizations powering their video production with AI, includes all Team plan features, custom AI avatars, API access, bulk workflow runs, dedicated account manager, and enterprise-grade security.

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