Cohesive is a powerful AI Editor designed to help users streamline the content creation process. It boasts a user-friendly interface with a variety of features intended for convenience and efficiency. The primary workflow of the platform includes creating, refining, editing, and publishing content seamlessly. Cohesive offers over 200 templates in SEO, ad copywriting, marketing copywriting, and social media content, among others, which users can explore and utilize for their unique needs.

This AI-powered tool allows users to produce high-quality content 13 times faster than usual, with the aid of handpicked curated templates. Cohesive also offers real-time collaboration, enabling users to stay coordinated and meet pressing deadlines. One of its distinct attributes is the AI editor that can modify text, images, and translations, ensuring each word accurately serves its purpose.

The platform is designed to optimize and maximize marketing ROI with high-converting AI content. Its innovative feature of providing content inspiration while writing in the editor keeps the creative juices flowing. Additionally, Cohesive provides templates specifically crafted for marketing, sales, support, and personal writing.


  • AI editor: Enables seamless editing of text and images for high-quality content
  • Content Inspiration: Provides real-time suggestions and ideas during the writing process
  • Templates: Offers a variety of pre-designed content frameworks for various needs


  • Basic Plan (FREE): Starter package designed to familiarize users with the platform including limited features
  • Creator Plan ($25/month): Tailored for individuals, includes unlimited viewers, enhanced writing experience
  • Agency Plan ($45/month): Designed for team use, offering a comprehensive suite of features for profound usability

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