BrandBastion is a social media management tool that uses AI to monitor and manage all social media conversations in one place. It analyzes sentiment insights, moderates harmful conversations using AI, and engages faster by leveraging Intent Recognition.

With BrandBastion, you can hide harmful conversations automatically, find which comments need a reply in the unified inbox, and get actionable insights from your conversations. The platform covers Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and TikTok.

BrandBastion Lite offers core features such as all conversations in one place, leverage AI insights, utilize powerful filters, set up alerts, save replies, and assign conversations. The tool is easy to use and has received positive reviews from social media managers and digital marketing executives.


  • Monitor and manage all social media conversations in one place
  • Analyze sentiment insights and content resonance
  • Moderate harmful conversations using AI
  • Engage faster by leveraging Intent Recognition
  • Hide harmful conversations automatically
  • Find which comments need a reply in our unified inbox
  • Get actionable insights from your conversations


  • BrandBastion Lite is available for a free trial with no credit card required

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