FreeSubtitles.AI is a comprehensive transcription service that offers both free and premium options. Its goal is to trivialise language differences and democratise access to transcription services by transcribing any content from any language into any language.

The free version of the service allows users to transcribe files up to 300 MB in size and 1 hour in length. The Whisper Model Medium is used for high accuracy in transcription, and the Open Source M2M_100 Model is used for good translation accuracy. When the browser tab is closed, the transcription process is terminated.

In contrast, the paid version allows for a maximum file size of 10 GB and a maximum duration of 10 hours. It employs the Whisper Model Large V2 for the most accurate transcription and DeepL or Yandex for the most accurate translation. The transcription process can be started without opening a browser tab, and paid users are prioritised in the queue.

The service provides translation in 91 different languages. Paid users can use the free model to translate to 5 languages and also use the paid transcription models. For translation, they can use the Open-Source M2M_100 (Free), Yandex Paid API (+$0.99/h), or DeepL Paid API (+$1.49/h).

When OpenAI released their Whisper ASR technology as an open-source project, they inspired the creation of The platform was self-funded and designed to provide a convenient and accessible transcription service.

For free users, the platform ensures user privacy and security by automatically deleting all media after 30 minutes and all transcriptions after 24 hours. However, there is also the option to delete the media and transcriptions as soon as the transcription is finished. This permanently removes the files from the server. All files are uploaded in an encrypted SSL format. Paid users have the option of storing media files indefinitely.

As of this writing, had completed 199,008 transcriptions, totalling 60,460 hours (3,627,575 minutes). The platform's technology is constantly being improved and fine-tuned in order to provide the most accurate transcriptions possible.


  • Transcription Support: Handles both audio and video files, offering free and premium options.
  • High Volume: Completed 199,008 transcriptions, totaling 60,460 hours transcribed (3,627,575 minutes).
  • Language Options: Offers 91 language options for translation. Paid users can translate to 5 languages with the free model and can also use the paid transcription models.
  • Secure Uploads: All files are uploaded in an encrypted manner using SSL. Automatic deletion of media after 30 minutes and transcriptions after 24 hours for free users, with immediate deletion option for enhanced privacy.
  • Priority Access: Paid users are automatically moved to the front of the queue and have access to paid-only servers. The goal is to have paid users never wait more than a few minutes before their transcription starts.
  • Raised Limits: Paid users can transcribe files that are up to 10GB in size or 10 hours in length, an increase from 300 MB and 1 hour for free users.
  • Account Page, Permanent Media Storage, Shareable Links: With paid use, users can store their files permanently and view all their transcriptions on an account page. This allows users to make use of the built-in player and its special features to play their content with subtitles in the browser.
  • Automatic Media Downloader: Paid users can access the Automatic Media Downloader which will download video or audio automatically to begin the transcription, allowing users to skip the upload step and speed up the transcription process. Works on over 1100 sites.
  • Transcribe Multiple Files At Once: Paid users can transcribe multiple files at once with currently no limit. This is useful for users who need to transcribe a lot of content at once.
  • Transcribe Files Without Browser Tab: Paid users can transcribe files while closing their original browser tab. They can see the progress of the transcription and cancel it from the player page.
  • Increased Number Of Translations: With paid use, users can translate their content automatically in up to 5 languages, while free users are restricted to one language.
  • API Access: When users purchase credit, they are given an API key which they can use to programmatically access the platform.


  • Pay As You Go, No Monthly Minimums: There are no monthly subscriptions or monthly minimums to access the paid version of the site. Users can pay only for what they want and the minimum limit is only $1.
  • Industry Leading Price: The price is $0.99/h to access the most accurate AI model available, this is less than 1/10th of the price of other transcription services.

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