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FreeSubtitles.AI is a transcription service that offers both free and paid options. The free version allows for a maximum file size of 300 MB and a maximum duration of 1 hour, while the paid version offers a maximum file size of 10 GB and a maximum duration of 10 hours. The service supports audio and video files, as well as automatic download via link. There are 111 language options to choose from, and users can also choose from different models for accuracy and translation to different languages. Paid users are given priority in the queue.


  • Transcription of audio and video files into text subtitles
  • Option to upload files or enter a link for automatic download
  • Language detection and translation into over 100 languages
  • Option to select a model for transcription accuracy and speed
  • Free use with maximum 300 MB file size and 1 hour duration
  • Paid use with maximum 10 GB file size and 10 hour duration
  • Paid users jump to the front of the queue for faster processing

Technical Details:

  • Total of 47,928 transcriptions completed
  • 13,309 hours and 5 minutes transcribed
  • File types supported include audio and video
  • Model options include Medium and Larger models for transcription accuracy
  • Language detection and translation options available

Cost and Availability:

  • Free use with limited features
  • Paid use with expanded features and faster processing times



Use Cases

Training and Development

Transcribe audio and video training materials for employees and provide subtitles for improved learning outcomes.

Media Production

Create subtitles for audio and video content produced for media outlets, such as news broadcasts and documentaries.

Market Research

Transcribe audio and video focus groups, interviews, and other market research data for analysis and insights.

Global Communication

Translate transcribed subtitles into over 100 languages to facilitate communication with international audiences.

Video Content Creation

Transcribe video content into text subtitles to increase accessibility and SEO.

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