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Synthesia is an AI-powered video creation platform that allows users to convert text into video in a matter of minutes. More than 120 languages are supported, and more than 140 different AI avatars are available. Over 50,000 businesses of all sizes trust the platform, which doesn't need any special tools or training in video editing to use.

Producing product demo videos, instructional videos, marketing videos, training videos, and other types of informational content is perfect for Synthesia. It can also be used to quickly produce videos for social media platforms like Instagram reels, YouTube videos, and Facebook ads.


  • AI Video Avatars: More than 150 ethnically diverse AI video avatars to choose from.
  • Custom AI Avatars: Ability to create your own custom avatar.
  • Supported Languages and Accents: Supports over 120 languages with varied voice tones, accents, styles, and dialects.
  • Text-to-Speech: Converts typed text into speech.
  • Phonetic Spelling: Manages nuanced pronunciation, terminology, and abbreviation.
  • Voice Cloning: Allows users to clone their voice and add it to their custom AI avatar.
  • Closed Captions: Automatically generates closed captions in the same language as the narrated text.
  • Gestures: Ability to include micro gestures to the AI avatar, like raised eyebrows, head nods, etc.
  • AI Script Assistant: Creates quick video scripts automatically using ChatGPT-like prompts.
  • Media and Music Library: Provides access to a library of royalty-free, high-quality images, icons, shapes, videos, and more.
  • Collaboration: Allows users to collaborate on videos with their team, get feedback, add comments, and speed up production.
  • Importing PowerPoint Presentations: Ability to add PowerPoint presentations to videos and include professional voiceovers.


  • Free Demo: Users can try Synthesia for free by going to the free demo video page. Here, they can choose a video template, type in their video script, and generate a video for free.
  • Personal Plan: Costs $30 per month or $300 annually. It provides users with 10 credits per month. Anything between 1 second to 60 seconds of video consumes 1 credit. For example, a video that is 1:46 minutes long would consume 2 credits. Credits are only consumed when a video has been generated.
  • Custom Avatar: A custom avatar is an add-on to the Synthesia subscription and costs $1000/year.
  • Enterprise Plan: The price for the Enterprise plan is tailored to the organization’s needs. The billing cycle for Enterprise customers is annual.
  • Please note that unused credits do not roll over to the next billing period and the payment for using Synthesia is recurring. For Personal plan users, the billing cycle can be monthly or annually. For Enterprise customers, the billing cycle is annual.

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