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Munch is an AI-powered platform that extracts engaging, trending, and impactful clips from long-form videos using advanced machine learning and marketing analytics. It is an all-in-one platform that allows for automatic editing, auto-caption generation, content creation, and publishing all in one convenient tool. It also features AI-driven editing that's centered around extensive machine learning capabilities, enabling Munch to keep what's important at the center of each video.

The platform provides a solution for distilling the context from long-form content, setting content for success with top marketing data, focusing things on any platform, and generating instant social posts based on video content. Additionally, Munch provides an intuitive, simple, and effective AI video editor that enables users to snip, auto-caption, crop aspect ratios, and more. Munch has a wide variety of users, from social media managers, content creators, digital marketers, to brands, and media agencies. Munch helps to deliver quality and relevant content that stands out in a competitive landscape, gain actionable insights, and engage with target audiences regularly, all while remaining authentic to the brand.


  • AI-powered platform for automatic editing, auto-caption generation, post content, and publishing of video clips
  • Extracts engaging, contextual nuggets from long-form content
  • Analyzes clip content with social and marketing trends using GPT3, OCR, and NLP
  • Clips and adjusts videos for optimal performance on any platform, including YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram
  • Generates specific social posts for various platforms based on video content
  • Intuitive AI video editor for perfecting clips

Technical details:

  • Uses state-of-the-art generative AI and marketing analytics
  • AI algorithm finds engaging, coherent, and cohesive moments in long-form content
  • AI analyzes clip content with social and marketing trends using GPT3, OCR, and NLP
  • AI editor includes snipping, auto-caption generation, aspect ratio smart-cropping, and more

Cost and availability:

  • Pricing available on the website
  • Trusted by various professionals and companies, including NasDaily, Imagen, and Anaconda, among others.



Use Cases

Content Creators

Munch provides actionable data on content performance, allowing for the creation of compelling and engaging content efficiently. The platform can also extract the most impactful moments from long-form videos and turn them into shareable clips.

Digital Marketing

Munch can automate content repurposing and editing, enabling digital marketers to focus on creating, connecting, and nurturing leads.

Brand Management

Munch can help brands deliver relevant and high-quality content on social media platforms, standing out in a competitive landscape and engaging with their target audience regularly.

Media Agencies

Munch can quickly identify and extract content from videos for clients, with AI-powered capabilities to automatically generate captions, subtitles, and keywords, making content more accessible and searchable.

Content Marketing

Munch can streamline the content marketing process and repurpose long-form content into bite-sized clips optimized for specific platforms, increasing brand awareness and reaching a wider audience.

Social Media Management

Munch can be used to extract the most engaging and impactful clips from long-form videos and repurpose them for various social media platforms, saving time and effort while increasing engagement with followers.

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