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Moonbeam is a sophisticated AI writing assistant, specifically designed to facilitate the creation of essays, stories, articles, blogs, and other long-form content. Moonbeam excels at producing meaningful and well-structured text, unlike other AI writing tools that may produce incoherent content.

The Wizard feature of the tool can quickly convert disorganized notes into a useful outline, which is then converted into perfectly written paragraphs. Moonbeam also introduces Smart Chat, a one-of-a-kind feature powered by the revolutionary GPT-4. This feature allows users to interact with their content, receive real-time feedback, and make changes on the fly, improving the overall editing experience.

Moonbeam also has a feature that generates comprehensive content clusters based on a simple prompt or keyword, giving users 10+ content ideas in seconds. The advanced text editing capabilities of the tool enable users to refine complete or highlighted text, paraphrase, and improve their writing.

The AI tool also includes a rich media integration feature, which allows users to embed links, images, or upload their own visuals to enhance their content. Users can also publicly share their drafts, allowing their work to reach a larger audience.

Moonbeam also has a Chrome extension, which makes it even easier and more convenient for users to use its features directly from their browser. This AI writing assistant is more than a tool; it is a partner in your writing journey, assisting you in coming up with new ideas, organizing your thoughts, and writing better and faster.


  • Wizard Feature: Transforms disorganized notes into a useful outline, and then into perfectly written paragraphs.
  • Smart Chat: A GPT-4 powered feature that allows real-time interaction with your content, providing feedback and allowing on-the-fly modifications.
  • Content Cluster Generation: Generates comprehensive content clusters around a simple prompt or keyword, providing 10+ content ideas in seconds.
  • Advanced Text Editing: Allows users to refine complete or highlighted text, paraphrase concisely, and improve their writing.
  • Boss Mode: A feature that revolutionizes your content with a complete transformation.
  • Rich Media Integration: Allows users to embed links, images, or upload their own visuals to enhance their content.
  • Public Drafts: Allows users to share their drafts publicly, letting their work reach a wider audience.
  • One-Click Content Generation: Generates an array of content ideas to inspire your writing journey with a single click.
  • Organized Workflow: Keeps your content neatly organized inside folders, ensuring a clutter-free and efficient creative process.


  • Pro Plan ($49 per month, billed yearly): This plan offers unlimited long-form writing, social media posts, access to AI writing tools, Boss Mode, Moonbeam Chat, Ask Luna, the Moonbeam Wizard, a custom style generator, and supports one user.
  • Team Plan ($99 per month per seat): This plan includes everything in the Pro plan, plus integration with your tools, collaborative real-time editing, support for multiple users, and priority support.

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