MidJourney is a high-quality AI image generator that is not generally available, and to use it, you need to apply to the official waiting list of the tool. The generator uses a beta version that is hosted on a Discord server, and you can generate images by joining one of the rooms that begin with "newbies" and sending a message that starts with /imagine followed by your input.

MidJourney is known for generating high-resolution and photorealistic images that are impossible to distinguish from those of real artists. The tool gives a limited trial, and you can find more information about pricing by being accepted as a demo user.


  • Create custom images from simple text prompts using the Midjourney Bot on Discord
  • Generate unique images from a short text description (known as a Prompt)
  • Upscale images and create variations of selected grid images
  • Rate images and receive free Fast Mode time for being a top rater
  • Save images and view them immediately on midjourney.com/app
  • Direct message with the Midjourney Bot for a slower-paced experience
  • Learn more about prompts and combine your own pictures with the /blend command
  • Get help and support from the #trial-support channel on the Midjourney Discord


  • Subscription plans are available on the Midjourney account page for upgrading and downgrading plans
  • Prices and more information can be found on the Subscription Plans page
  • Trial users have roughly 25 free Jobs and jobs do not presently expire but will not renew.
  • Midjourney is an independent research lab and self-funded team, availability may be subject to change.

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