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Mage.Space is a free online AI image-generating program that allows users to quickly create detailed images. There are no points to collect or trial hours, and the program does not require an account to use. Mage.Space has a variety of features and options, including a guidance scale that allows users to adjust how closely the generated images adhere to the provided prompt. The program also has a seed option for excluding certain elements from the generated images. After an image is generated, users can enhance, rerun, remix or alter its quality and guidance scale. The program offers various memberships, with the most significant difference being that NSFW content requires an additional payment. Mage.Space has a Discord server for user assistance and additional information.


  • Unlimited Creations
  • Unlimited Privacy
  • Unlimited Enhance
  • NSFW Enabled (Paid Feature)
  • Multiple Active Sessions
  • Ad-Free
  • 30+ Fine-Tuned Models
  • Premium GPUs (A100, A10G)

Technical Details:

  • Premium API available in limited beta
  • Can be used for commercial purposes (attribution to Mage is encouraged but not required)

Cost and Availability:

  • Free plan: Free for everyone
  • Basic plan: $4 per month
  • Pro plan: $15 per month
  • Upgrades and downgrades between plans available
  • Refunds are not offered due to the unlimited nature of the plans

Use Cases

Premium GPUs

Mage Space's premium GPUs (A100, A10G) allow businesses to create high-quality images quickly and efficiently.

Fine-Tuned Models

With access to 30+ fine-tuned models, businesses can create high-quality, professional-looking images with ease.

Ad-Free Image Creation

Mage Space's ad-free environment provides a distraction-free workspace for businesses to create their images.

Multiple Active Sessions

Businesses with multiple team members working on image creation can benefit from Mage Space's multiple active sessions feature, which allows for multiple team members to work on different images simultaneously.

NSFW Content Creation

For businesses that need to create NSFW content, Mage Space's paid NSFW feature provides additional safeguards and moderation to ensure that the content is accessed responsibly by appropriate audiences.

Image Privacy

With unlimited privacy features, Mage Space is ideal for businesses that need to keep their images private, such as those working with sensitive or proprietary information.

Image Enhancement

Mage Space's unlimited enhance features allow businesses to quickly and easily enhance their images, whether they need to adjust brightness and contrast, remove blemishes, or make other edits.

Image Creation

Mage Space allows for unlimited creations, making it an ideal tool for businesses that require a high volume of images for their marketing campaigns, social media content, or website design.

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