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Looka is an AI-powered logo maker that helps users create a custom logo in just a few clicks and five minutes. To get started, users enter their company name and industry, select logo styles, colors, and symbols, and Looka generates custom logo designs. Users can then finalize their logo design with the easy-to-use logo editor, which includes a range of options such as colors, fonts, and layouts. Looka provides high-resolution PNG and JPG logo files, SVG and EPS logo files for scaling, and color variations for use online or offline. Other features include business card designs, social media templates, brand information, and lifetime logo support. Users can make unlimited changes to their logo by subscribing to Looka's Brand Kit, and they own the copyright to their logo design. Looka is a product of Looka Inc., and their website also offers a Business Name Generator, inspiration, and support.


  • AI-powered logo design
  • Brand Kit for creating branded marketing materials
  • 300+ branded templates for social media
  • 20 business card design templates
  • 15+ logo files for all mediums
  • Consistent branding with font and color guides
  • In-house customer success team for support

Technical Details:

  • High-res logo file types: SVG, PNG, EPS & PDF
  • Black & white, color, and transparent background variations
  • Ready-to-go logo versions for social media platforms
  • Quick file transfer to local or on-demand printing services

Cost and Availability:

  • Looka offers a free trial for logo design, with packages starting at $20 USD for basic logo design and $80 USD for the full brand kit.


Use Cases

Business Card Design

Looka allows businesses to generate and customize business cards with its Brand Kit. The platform provides 20 professional-quality design templates as a starting point, with the ability to customize the design to match the brand identity. Businesses can also quickly send their files to any local or on-demand printing service.

Social Media Marketing

Looka's Brand Kit provides ready-to-go versions of a business's logo for social media, including customized profile and cover photos for YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and more. It also provides the ability to design perfectly-sized posts and stories to use across platforms.

Brand Identity Creation

With Looka's Brand Kit, businesses can create a brand identity that uses their logo, colors, and fonts to instantly generate hundreds of branded marketing materials all in one spot. The platform provides 300+ branded templates personalized to a business's logo's design, 20 asset types including invoices, flyers, and email signatures.

Logo Design

Looka's AI-powered platform allows businesses to generate endless custom logo mockups that match their vision. No design skills are required, and users can change colors, symbols, sizing, and more with Looka's easy-to-use editor. The platform provides 15+ logo files that businesses can use across all mediums, including high-res file types such as SVG, PNG, EPS & PDF, and black & white, color, and transparent background variations.

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Listing Updated - March 2023 🤖

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