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VoxWave AI is an innovative SaaS tool that uses AI to dramatically boost the output and success of your email campaigns through the power of personalised voice messaging. Developed with sales and marketing professionals in mind, VoxWave AI seamlessly integrates into your current workflow, improving response rates by up to threefold through voice personalisation.

With VoxWave AI, you can convert ice-cold leads into blazing-hot buyers by delivering personalized, AI-generated voice messages right from the start of your conversation. The process is simple: just record a one-minute sample of your voice on the platform, write your message using dynamic tags, and drop in a snippet into your mailer. It is so seamless it fits perfectly into your current email marketing workflow.

The tool is designed to book more calls and win more business in three easy steps. Step 1 involves warming-up leads with a static message; Step 2 consists of sending dynamic messages to those who engage; and Step 3 ensures post-call follow-up with a real human voice sample for increased engagement.

Using dynamic tags such as {name} and {company} in your messages, you can send hundreds of personalised voice emails to pre-warmed leads or send a static voice message to over 100,000 cold leads. No matter where your lead stands in the sales funnel, VoxWave AI helps you book more calls and close more deals by adding a human touch to digital communication. All the while, the tool presents you with all the important data points you need.

Through voice cloning technology, VoxWave AI allows your leads to recognise your voice even before you talk to them, helping build credibility and trust from the outset. You can personalise follow-up messages by auto-filling names for increased engagement. And even for leads who have fallen off, you can revitalise them by reaching out with a familiar voice. Let VoxWave AI be your secret lead gen weapon and start winning more business today.


  • Voice cloning: Replicate your voice providing a human touch to the moments that matter most - the ones people remember long after their experience is over.
  • Personalized messages: Start building credibility from the outset with a clear, consistent voice in your initial message. Personalize follow-up messages by auto-generating names for increased engagement. Revitalize leads who have fallen off by reaching out with a familiar voice.
  • Email integration: Seamless integration fits perfectly into your current workflow and allows you to embed voice messages into your mailer, boosting response rates significantly.
  • Dynamic messaging: React to prospect engagement by sending targeted messages. Use dynamic tags to send hundreds of personalized voice emails to pre-warmed leads, or a static voice message to cold leads.
  • Voxwave for lead generation: Converts ice-cold leads into blazing-hot buyers and 3x your response rate with voice personalization. Voxwave provides more calls, bookings, and sales at whatever stage your lead is.


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