VoxWave AI

VoxWave AI is a SaaS tool designed to help users increase their response rates by integrating personalized voice messages into email campaigns. The platform's user interface is straightforward to use and involves uploading a one-minute sample of your voice, writing your message using dynamic tags, and simply dropping a snippet into your mailer.

The tool offers an AI voice-cloning feature which generates outputs based on the provided voice sample, automatically personalizes content for individual recipients, and allows users to send a static voice message to a large number of cold leads. The platform also integrates with popular email marketing tools to facilitate easy deployment of campaigns.

VoxWave AI is primarily designed for sales and marketing professionals for efforts in lead generation and nurturing. Its unique voice-cloning technology adds a personal, human touch to digital communication, potentially improving engagement and conversion rates.


  • Voice cloning: Clone your voice to add personal touch in communication.
  • Personalized messages: Auto-generate names for individualized follow-ups.
  • Email integration: Seamlessly embed voice messages into your mailer.


  • Pricing details are not publicly available at this time. Interested clients are instructed to join a waitlist for future access to the service.

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