Grammarly is an AI-powered online writing assistant that provides real-time feedback and suggestions on grammar, spelling, punctuation, clarity, style, and tone. It seamlessly integrates with 500,000+ apps and websites, making it versatile and suitable for individuals, teams, businesses, and educational institutions. Use cases for Grammarly include students and professionals looking to improve their writing quality, businesses and teams aiming to maintain a consistent writing style, and educational institutions seeking to enhance students' writing skills and prevent plagiarism. Grammarly offers a range of plans and resources to suit different needs, starting from $12.08/month for paid plans.


  • Advanced grammar and spelling checker
  • Vocabulary enhancement suggestions
  • Writing style and clarity improvements
  • Plagiarism detection
  • Tone detection and suggestions
  • Consistency and coherence checks
  • Genre-specific writing suggestions (academic, business, creative, etc.)
  • Integration with various platforms (web browsers, Microsoft Office, etc.)
  • Personalized writing insights and statistics
  • Available on multiple devices


  • Freemium model with basic features available for free
  • Premium subscription for advanced features and enhanced functionality
  • Subscription plans for individuals, businesses, and educational institutions
  • Availability in multiple languages
  • Web-based application accessible from any internet-connected device
  • Desktop and mobile applications for offline usage

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