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Effy is a performance review and feedback management tool that simplifies the process with its ready-to-use templates, AI-generated insights, and comprehensive heat map analysis. It offers science-based templates, participant selection, and feedback integration with platforms like Slack and MS Teams. is GDPR- and CCPA-ready, trusted by teams at various organizations. Users praise Effy for its simplicity, customization options, attractive interface, ease of use, and integration capabilities. The tool allows for easy customization of reports and eliminates the need for manual Google Forms. offers a free plan and provides onboarding assistance.


  • Performance review and feedback management tool
  • Ready-to-use templates
  • AI-generated insights
  • Comprehensive heat map analysis
  • Science-based templates
  • Participants selection
  • Feedback integration with Slack/MS Teams
  • Customizable reports for performance management
  • Integration with Slack for automated reminders

Technical Details:

  • GDPR- & CCPA-ready
  • Trusted by teams at various organizations

Pricing and Availability:

  • Free plan available
  • Pay when your team grows
  • Flexible pricing options
  • Currently live and accessible on Product Hunt

Use Cases

1-1 Meeting Management

Efficiently plan, prepare, and track results and agreements in 1-1 meetings, facilitating employee development and growth.

Heat Map Analysis

Utilize comprehensive heat map analysis to gain data-driven insights for every aspect of performance evaluation.

Customized Reports

Customize reports for performance management, eliminating the need for manual Google Forms.

Performance Review

Simplify the process of performance reviews and feedback management with ready-to-use templates and AI-generated insights.

Feedback Integration

Integrate feedback collection with platforms like Slack and MS Teams, enabling seamless communication and collaboration.

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