DALLE-2, a revolutionary artificial intelligence program designed by OpenAI, possesses the ability to convert text descriptions into stunningly authentic images. Immerse yourself in this cutting-edge innovation that is making waves in the AI landscape. It doesn't just generate images—it stretches them beyond the bounds of the initial canvas, creating grand compositions that challenge the conventional limits of image production. Get ready to explore the captivating world of AI art generation, where the line between text and visual art is seamlessly blurred.

But DALLE-2's talents don't stop at creating new images—it also alters existing pictures with precision, inspired by natural language captions. Think details as minute as textures and shadows. It's like having an artist at your disposal, capable of creating several renditions of a single picture. The world of visual interpretation just got bigger, thanks to DALLE-2.

Safety is paramount. It's equipped with powerful safeguards that deter the creation of inappropriate content, such as explicit, violent, or adult images. The training data has been meticulously chosen to reduce the likelihood of exposure to explicit material, demonstrating OpenAI's commitment to a stringent content policy that strictly forbids generating violent, pornographic, or politically charged content. What sets DALLE-2 apart are the proactive filters and a blend of automated and human monitoring systems that continually ensure safety isn't compromised.

Informed by valuable user input and real-world application, was crafted with an end-user focus. The roll-out strategy was thoughtfully gradual—increasing the pool of initial users over time, which facilitated an iterative refinement of the system's features and safety protocols in sync with users gaining familiarity. Come July 2022, the beta version of DALLE-2 had been polished and primed for its public debut.

DALLE-2 represents more than a mere technological leap—it's a tangible testament to OpenAI's mission of molding AI to benefit humanity. It's believed that DALLE-2 will provide a platform for unprecedented creative expression and offer a glimpse into how state-of-the-art AI systems perceive and interpret the world. Are you ready to experience the transformative capabilities of DALLE-2? The journey into this new frontier of AI awaits.


  • Image Generation: DALLE-2 shines in generating art from textual descriptions at a base resolution of 512 x 512 pixels. It skillfully blends various concepts, attributes, and styles into these creations.
  • Image Expansion: Breaking the confines of the original canvas, DALLE-2 creates new compositions that surpass the limitations of the initial input.
  • Image Editing: DALLE-2 can make realistic edits to existing images based on natural language captions, considering minute aspects like shadows, reflections, and textures.
  • Image Variation: The AI masterfully creates diverse variations of a single image, allowing for a multitude of interpretations and renditions, all inspired by the original.
  • Improved Realism and Resolution: DALLE-2 outperforms its predecessor, DALL·E, generating more realistic and precise images at 4x the resolution.


  • Pricing Tiers: The cost varies based on the resolution of the images:
  • For 1024x1024 resolution, the cost is $0.020 per image.
  • For 512x512 resolution, the cost is $0.018 per image.
  • For 256x256 resolution, the cost is $0.016 per image.
  • Free Credit: New DALLE-2 users receive a $5 free credit for experimenting, valid for use during the first three months.
  • Pay-As-You-Go: DALLE-2 operates on a "pay-as-you-go" pricing model, ensuring users only pay for the resources they actually utilize.
  • Spend Limit: Upon signing up, users are granted an initial spend limit or quota. This limit can be increased over time as users build a track record with their application. If more tokens are needed, users can request a quota increase.

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