VirtuLook by Wondershare

VirtuLook is an AI-powered product photography tool designed to revolutionize the way businesses showcase their products online. Experience the power of AI with virtual model fitting and stunning image creation. With VirtuLook, businesses can effortlessly visualize their clothing creations, experiment with different looks, and bring their designs to life without the need for expensive photo shoots or physical prototypes. The platform also offers AI-driven background generation, ensuring captivating and well-designed product backgrounds that enhance customer perception and drive sales.


  • Virtual Model Fitting: Show off different clothes on various bodies with lifelike photos of virtual fashion models, taking into account individual style preferences and body shapes.
  • AI-Generated Backgrounds: Eliminate the need for extensive design skills with a wide range of background options to match your product.
  • Text-Based Photo Generation: Get 10x more photos based solely on textual descriptions, allowing for diverse product visualizations.
  • Streamlined Workflow: Reduce time-to-market, cut production costs, and drive sales conversions with a streamlined process that includes uploading, adjusting, and downloading AI-enhanced product images.


  • AI Picture Maker: $0.02 per picture. Experience the cost-saving benefits, cutting costs by at least $150 per image.

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