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Clay is an AI-powered tool that serves as the first AI navigator for your entire network. It has been featured on 574 websites and recently introduced Nexus, a collaborative partner that combines artificial intelligence with the capabilities of Clay. Nexus provides perfect recall of your network's context and helps with various tasks such as finding reasons to reconnect, crafting outreach emails, and suggesting gift ideas. It also offers instant leverage by saving time in finding the right person, identifying opportunities, making introductions, and organizing events. Clay aims to revolutionize networking and offers early access to its innovative platform.


  • AI-powered tool for networking
  • Nexus: a collaborative partner combining AI with Clay
  • Perfect recall of network context
  • Assistance in reconnecting and crafting outreach emails
  • Gift ideas for special occasions
  • Time-saving features for salespeople, freelancers, and small-business owners
  • Quick identification of opportunities
  • Efficient introductions and event organization

Technical Details:

  • Utilizes artificial intelligence
  • Seamlessly understands network-related requests
  • Provides relevant and personalized suggestions
  • Supports deepening relationships and managing stakeholders
  • Offers advanced networking capabilities

Pricing and Availability:

  • Free, no credit card required
  • Early access available
  • Availability may vary based on region and eligibility

Use Cases

Small Business Vendor Management

Small-business owners can leverage Clay to juggle their vendor relationships effectively. It provides insights and suggestions for making better introductions, identifying opportunities, and hosting successful events, helping small businesses to strengthen their vendor network.

Freelancer Stakeholder Management

Freelancers can use Clay to manage multiple stakeholders efficiently. It assists in identifying and engaging with the right contacts, enabling freelancers to stay organized and build strong relationships with their clients.

Sales Relationship Management

Clay is ideal for salespeople who want to deepen relationships with key clients. It provides context and suggestions for effective outreach, helping to enhance sales performance and build stronger connections with clients.


Clay is an AI-powered tool that helps you navigate and leverage your entire network. It provides perfect recall of your network's context, assists in reconnecting with contacts, crafting outreach emails, and suggests gift ideas. It saves time in finding the right person, identifying opportunities, making introductions, and organizing events.

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Listing Updated - May 2023 🤖

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