Chatbase is an AI chatbot platform designed to help users create, customize, and integrate chatbots on their websites. The user interface is intuitive and user-friendly, allowing users to easily upload data, train their chatbot, and deploy it on their website as a widget. The platform also allows users to connect the chatbot to several third-party applications like Slack, Messenger, and WordPress via API.

The tool offers custom chatbot behavior, appearance customization, lead collection, notification set-up, and integration with other tools. It allows users to create a ChatGPT-like chatbot in a few clicks, ensuring that the chatbot matches their brand's personality with custom instructions.

The platform is designed for businesses looking to streamline their customer service, lead generation, and user interaction using AI chatbots. Its custom behavioral settings and branding options provide a personalized and engaging user experience.


  • Custom ChatGPT: Allows users to train a chatbot using their own data.
  • Customize Appearance: Users can customize the colors and logos of the chatbot to match their brand.
  • Collect Leads: The platform allows chatbots to collect leads for users to follow up with later.
  • Get Notified: Users can set up daily emails with all conversations and leads collected by their chatbots.
  • Integration with Tools: The chatbot can be integrated with favorite tools like Zapier, Slack, Messenger, etc.


  • Free Plan ($0/month): Provides 30 message credits and 1 chatbot, designed for testing out the platform.
  • Hobby Plan ($19/month): Provides 2,000 message credits/month and 2 chatbots, designed for small businesses.
  • Standard Plan ($99/month): Provides 10,000 message credits/month and 5 chatbots, designed for medium-sized businesses.
  • Unlimited Plan ($399/month): Provides 40,000 message credits/month

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