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Chatbase provides an all-encompassing AI chatbot platform that empowers businesses to create and customize their very own AI-based chat agent. Users can easily import their data, adjust the bot's behavior and appearance as per their brand style, and embed it seamlessly onto their website. Additionally, the service facilitates easy integration with other essential tools.

A significant advantage of Chatbase is the multitude of powerful features it offers. From revising answers and assessing confidence scores to ensure the bot's accuracy to collecting valuable user data, Chatbase covers all the essential aspects of a sophisticated AI chatbot.

The platform also permits users to train their chatbots using data sourced from various areas, giving it an improved ability to understand and interact with customers. This level of customization also extends to the appearance of the chatbot, ensuring it aligns perfectly with the brand's aesthetics.

Chatbase offers robust security measures, including robust encryption and stringent access control, ensuring user data's absolute safety. Other enticing features include automatic syncing with data, integration with popular tools such as Slack and WhatsApp, support for multiple AI models, and the provision to serve customers in their native languages.

The platform offers predictable and scalable plans, each loaded with a rich set of features catering to different needs and budgets. Users have the flexibility to remove Chatbase's branding and use a custom domain, providing a seamless experience for their customers.

Businesses leveraging Chatbase can avail themselves of 24/7 personalized assistance, swift query resolution, and lead collection and qualification, all combined to elevate the overall customer experience. Chatbase is a one-stop solution for businesses desiring to create efficient, personalized, and engaging AI chatbots for their websites.


    • Train Chatbot with Diverse Data: You can train your chatbot by ingesting data from multiple sources, including connected data sources, uploaded files, or even website crawling.
    • Powerful AI Models: Users can select from a range of AI models like GPT-3.5-turbo and GPT-4, for advanced chatbot interactions.
    • Auto-Retraining: Set your chatbot to retrain itself automatically, ensuring it remains aligned with your data.
    • Privacy and Security: Users' data is stored on secure servers with robust encryption for guaranteed privacy and controlled access.
    • Multi-Language Support: The platform enables your chatbot to interact with users in their native language, even if your data is in a different language, providing a personalized experience.
    • Custom Domains and Branding: Chatbase offers the flexibility of using custom domains for the script and allows removal of Chatbase branding, lending a personal touch to your chatbot.
    • Lead Qualification: The platform has built-in capability for the chatbot to not only collect leads but qualify them based on set parameters.
    • Customer Support: Equipped with swift query resolutions, Chatbase gives personalized assistance to address customer needs anytime of the day, 24/7 -- improving customer service.
    • Insights and Analytics: Users can track and monitor their chatbot's interactions with customers to improve its performance.
    • Hosting Chatbots on Various Platform: With a simple embed code or API, Chatbase enables users to add AI chatbots to their website, mobile app or any other platform, offering a seamless communication route to the users.


    • Free Plan ($0/month): Provides 20 message credits and 1 chatbot, and is limited to 400,000 characters/chatbot and 1 team member. Also supports Lead capture and view chat history. This plan is designed for users who want to test the platform.
    • Hobby Plan ($19/month): Provides 2,000 message credits/month and 2 chatbots, with 11,000,000 characters/chatbot, unlimited links to train on, and API access. It supports Integrations and captures the lead, and is recommended for small businesses.
    • Standard Plan ($99/month): Provides 10,000 message credits/month and 5 chatbots, with 11,000,000 characters/chatbot, 3 team members, and the option to choose GPT-4 and GPT-4-Turbo. It is designed for medium-sized businesses.
    • Unlimited Plan ($399/month): Contains 40,000 message credits/month (Messages over the limit will use your OpenAI API Key), 10 chatbots, 11,000,000 characters/chatbot, and 5 team members. It allows removal of 'Powered by Chatbase' and the use of custom domains.

    Please note, there are additional charges for extra message credits ($7 per 1000 messages / month), extra chatbots ($7 per chatbot / month), using custom domains, and removing the 'Powered By Chatbase' branding. It's also worth noting that there is a discount for yearly subscriptions where you get 2 months for free.

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