Bizway is an AI-powered business assistant designed to help users transform their business ideas into detailed and actionable plans. It provides a user-friendly interface with primary workflow features such as idea input, roadmap creation, competitor identification and a 'Consult' widget for tailored advice. The tool offers an advanced GPT-4 learning system that gets smarter with every input from users, making it highly personalized and efficient.

It allows users to create dynamic business roadmaps in a matter of seconds, enabling quick and easy project planning. The platform also integrates with popular tools such as Pitch for seamless idea sharing and feedback collection.

The platform is designed for any individual with a business idea but who needs help framing the details into a comprehensive action plan.


  • AI-driven learning: Conceptualize and implement dynamic business plans based on user input.
  • Roadmap Creation: Instantly generate actionable roadmaps for a clear path to achieve your goals.
  • Pitch Integration: Seamlessly sare your ideas for obtaining feedback.
  • Consult Widget: Provides tailored advice to help you move forward in your business planning.


  • Basic Plan ($19/month): Provides users with access to AI-driven learning and roadmap creation.
  • Premium Plan ($39/month): Includes all features of the Basic Plan with the added Pitch integration.
  • Ultimate Plan ($79/month): Includes all features of the Premium Plan with additional support from the Consult widget.

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