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AirOps is a comprehensive AI-powered platform that streamlines the process of AI app creation and workflows. This feature-rich platform also drives organic traffic growth, optimizes product pages, and speeds up time to market, especially for e-commerce, marketplace, SEO, and product teams. Users can efficiently tailor applications such as text generation, summarization, classification, entity extraction, and chatbots to their specific needs.

AirOps offers an impressive proven track record of optimizing over 10,000 product detail pages, 24x increase in organic traffic, 5x faster speed to market and an 18% increase in conversion rates. It's a trusted tool by renowned brands like Deepgram, Toys R Us, and Rare Candy.

Comprehensive pricing plans suit a variety of needs. The free plan provides access to core functionality at no cost, the Pro Plan at $24/month, the Team Plan at $299/month, and a customizable Enterprise Plan. Users are given the flexibility to upgrade their plans during the free trial or cancel it without incurring charges.

AirOps also offers additional managed memory stores to improve app quality and enhance performance, as well as the ability to bring your own API keys for LLM model providers with all paid plans. Access to priority support is provided for Team and Enterprise plans.

To round it all out, AirOps boasts a supportive community where users can seek guidance and share experiences. With customizable templates, integrations with various tools like Google Sheets, REST API, frontend SDK, Snowflake functions, and more, and the ability to deploy apps to end-users, AirOps provides everything you need to leverage AI in your workflows and achieve notable growth.


    • LLM-Powered Workflows, Tools, and Chat Agents: Allows users to create workflows, tools, and chat agents powered by Large Language Models (LLMs).
    • AI Tools: Provides AI tools for driving organic traffic, optimizing product pages and accelerating time-to-market.
    • Conversational Agents: Enables the creation of powerful conversational agents that can leverage user data and interact with existing systems. Helped renowned brands like Deepgram, Toys R Us, and Rare Candy scale their product SKUs.
    • Customizable Templates: Offers fully customizable templates for chatbots, tools, and workflows.
    • Prompt Engineering: Allows users to experiment with different prompts and LLMs from OpenAI, Anthropic, Google, and HuggingFace.
    • Integration with Python, Javascript, and External APIs: Users can visually combine LLM prompts, their data, Python, Javascript, and external APIs to create the perfect solution. Ability to bring your own API keys for LLM model providers with all paid plans.
    • Managed Memory Stores: Improves the quality of AirOps Apps with fully managed Memory Stores.
    • Versioning: Allows users to version their App and API to manage changes and deploy to production with confidence. Achieve 5x faster speed to market.
    • Unit Tests: Provides the ability to create unit tests for your app to ensure reliable performance.
    • Detailed Logs: Offers detailed logs to give visibility into your app performance including runtime, cost, and token usage.
    • Traffic Growth and Conversion Rates: Proven ability to increase organic traffic up to 24x and enhance the conversion rates by 18%.
    • Deployment Options: Allows users to bring AirOps apps to their team and customers via integrations and APIs, including REST API, SDK, Snowflake function, Google Sheets, and more.


    • Free Plan ($0/month): Ideal for individuals and teams looking to explore the core features of AirOps at no cost. Get started with our free apps, like Text Analysis, Content Generation, and Data with no commitment.
    • Pro Plan ($24/month): Best suitable for power users and growing teams. This plan includes everything in the Free plan plus advanced AI models such as GPT-4 + Claude and extended text support (up to 50,000 character inputs). Navigate your way around and experience a head start in your organic growth journey.
    • Team Plan ($299/month): This plan offers the best value for mature teams with higher requirements. Along with benefits from the Free plan, this allows users to run operations via Google Sheets or CSV and scale up via API or Snowflake. Enjoy priority support for seamless operations.
    • Enterprise Plan (Custom Pricing): Specifically tailored for large teams & multi-account organizations. Enjoy all the benefits from the Pro plan with added advantages such as custom apps, tailor-made AI models, and permissions and usage management. Enterprise users also gain access to volume discounts for high-volume usage. The pricing is custom to meet the specific needs of large organizations.

    Popular Use Cases

    Use Case Popularity -

    Conduct Sentiment Analysis On Text

    Sentiment analysis tools evaluate the emotional tone behind text data, enabling businesses to understand customer opinions and tailor their strategies to better meet their audience's needs.

    Use Case Popularity -

    Transcribe Podcasts

    Podcast transcription tools convert audio content into written text, making episodes more accessible and searchable for a wider audience.

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