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Explore the realm of AI art with Craiyon, the next-generation AI image generator. Whether you're a novice or a pro artist, Craiyon enables you to transform text into stunning visuals in seconds. Developed by CEO Boris Dayma, Craiyon is a new entrant in the AI field with a foot firmly set in the tech future. Crafting art with Craiyon is as easy as typing out the text. Just input your text and let the in-house-developed AI model, Craiyon V3, work its magic. You can generate up to 9 images within a minute, in creative styles as per your text prompt, making the art generation experience fun and easy. Subscribe to Craiyon Pro for unlimited art generation with fewer ads and faster results, and add advanced features like upscaling, watermark and ad removal to your toolbox. With Craiyon, your creativity knows no bounds. Let your expressions flow in the form of AI-generated artworks.


  • Switch from beginner to expert mode for advanced control
  • Create AI Art using simple text prompts
  • Up to 9 images generated per minute in the free tier
  • Option to go pro for unlimited art, fewer ads, and faster generation
  • Generate unique and abstract AI artworks, aesthetic wallpapers, and breathtaking landscapes
  • 'Negative Words' feature allows influence over colors and elements included in the image
  • Unique image concepts created for each prompt
  • Option to upscale images for better resolution
  • AI tool can avoid certain concepts based on the user’s preferences
  • Images generated can be used for personal, academic, or commercial use as long as use adheres to terms of service
  • Integrations with ChatGPT for enhanced AI capability
  • User can influence color and light choices in AI-generated images
  • Option to remove background in images for a cleaner look
  • Professional, Supporter, and Enterprise plans offer priority generation, no watermarks, and privacy protection for images.


  • Monthly and yearly subscription options are offered
  • Three plans available: Supporter, Professional, and Enterprise
  • Supporter Plan- $5/month (billed yearly). It includes 45 seconds for 9 images, background removal in 15s, unlimited images, high priority support, no ads, no watermark, and private image storage
  • Professional Plan- $20/month (billed yearly). It offers 15 seconds for 9 images, background removal in 5s, unlimited images, highest priority support, no ads, no watermark, private image storage, and early access to new features
  • Enterprise Plan comes with custom pricing. It has features like custom models, custom integrations, dedicated support, and private servers
  • Free tier is available with shared and anonymous image appearances in Craiyon Search. Images generated in the free tier are not stored
  • Upgradation or cancellation of plan can be done anytime from the account settings page
  • Offers are non-refundable
  • The subscription does not include API access, but it will be offered soon
  • Images can be used for personal, academic or commercial use as long as the Terms of Use are respected

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Image generation tools utilize AI to create visually appealing and customized graphics, enabling users to bring imaginative concepts to life effortlessly and enhance visual content across digital platforms.

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