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AI Data Sidekick

AI Data Sidekick is an AI-powered tool that offers a collection of recipes to help users write SQL queries, documentation, and more up to 10 times faster. Popular recipes include SQL Fixer, Query Explainer, SQL Writer, and others, and the tool can be used through a web app, Chrome and Firefox extensions, and APIs. It is free for individuals and small teams and works with major data warehouses such as Snowflake, Redshift, Postgres, and BigQuery. The tool also offers an AirOps Workspace that allows users to explore and organize data using AI and natural language, create docs, sheets, APIs, and more.


  • Collection of powerful AI-powered recipes for SQL, documentation, and more
  • Includes SQL Fixer, Query Explainer, Query Writer, SQL Query Optimizer, Table Documenter, and more
  • Works with major data warehouses including Snowflake, Redshift, Postgres, and BigQuery
  • Free for individuals and small teams
  • Chrome and Firefox extensions, web app, and APIs available

Technical details:

  • AI powered by OpenAI
  • Sidekick does not store user data, but AI analyzes table schemas to generate SQL and other outputs
  • SOC-2 Type 1 Certified

Cost and availability:

  • Free for individuals and small teams, with reasonable usage cap
  • AirOps Workspace, the core product, is launching in early 2023 and available for demo scheduling.


Use Cases

Data Management

Use AI Data Sidekick to write SQL queries, optimize queries, and document tables to manage data more efficiently.


Use AI Data Sidekick to collaborate with teams effectively on data-related tasks.

Data Analysis

Use AI Data Sidekick to organize and analyze data, set deadlines, and collaborate with others to complete research projects.

Database Development

Use AI Data Sidekick to create and optimize database structures, generate Python scripts, and start dbt projects to streamline database development processes.

Data Processing

Use AI Data Sidekick to filter, aggregate, and transform data to make it more usable and informative for better decision-making and innovation.

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Listing Updated - March 2023 🤖

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