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Airops Data Sidekick uses GPT-4 and Claude to help users create, correct, and optimize SQL queries, write documentation, and more, up to ten times faster. It provides a variety of apps or recipes that can be used for different tasks.

A web app, extensions for Chrome and Firefox, and APIs are all available ways to access the tool. For individuals and small teams, it is free, and it integrates with popular data warehouses like Snowflake, Redshift, Postgres, and BigQuery.

The SQL Writer feature creates queries directly from natural language using your database schema. It can also help you if you're not sure which tables to use.

In addition to these capabilities, Airops Data Sidekick provides an AirOps Workspace where users can instantly set up their first data stack or connect ones that already exist, explore and organise data using AI and natural language, and create documents, spreadsheets, APIs, and other things.


  • SQL Tools: Includes SQL Fixer, Query Explainer, SQL Writer, Query Writer, Query Updater, and SQL Query Optimizer for drafting, fixing, explaining, and optimizing SQL queries.
  • Content Creation Tools: Includes SEO Helper, Product Descriptions, Brand Helper, Email Writer, Collection Writer, and Text Generate for creating and optimizing various types of content.
  • Code Generation Tools: Includes Liquid Template Generator, a/b Test Creator, Python Script Creator, Generate dbt Config, dbt SQL, and dbt Python Creator for generating and modifying code.
  • Data Analysis Tools: Includes Text Classify, Magic Transform, Sentiment Analyze, Entity Extract, and Question Suggestor for analyzing and transforming data.
  • Documentation Tools: Includes Table Documenter and Query Explainer for creating user-friendly documentation and explanations.
  • Transcription Tool: Converts audio and video files into text.
  • AirOps Workspace: Allows users to set up data stacks, explore and organize data, and create docs, sheets, APIs, and more using AI and natural language.


  • Free Plan ($0/month): Access to all free apps, 25 daily app executions, and supports 1 user per account.
  • Pro Plan ($24/month): All features of the Free plan, plus access to powerful models including GPT-4 + Claude, large text support (up to 50,000 character inputs), and 500 daily app executions.
  • Pro+ Plan ($299/month): All features of the Free plan, plus access to powerful models including GPT-4 + Claude, large text support (up to 50,000 character inputs), ability to run via CSV & Google Sheets, ability to run at scale via API or Snowflake, and supports unlimited users with 10,000 daily app executions.
  • Enterprise Plan (Custom Pricing): All features of the Pro plan, plus custom apps and integrations, fine-tuned and private models, permissions and usage management, and custom daily app executions limit.

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