Adobe Podcast

Adobe Podcast, also known as Adobe's powerful AI-powered audio tool, is designed to elevate your voice and create high-quality podcasts and voiceovers that sound professional. This web-based tool leverages Adobe Premiere Pro's speech-to-text technology, enabling individuals to create, edit, and enhance their recordings in a browser.

With the Enhance Speech feature, users can effectively remove noise and echo from voice recordings, enhancing the clarity and quality of their content. Meanwhile, the Mic Check feature helps users fix microphone issues before recording, ensuring optimal sound quality.

Adobe Podcast also offers an easy and efficient remote recording solution, where participants can simply share a link, and all high-quality audio recordings are automatically synced and stored in the cloud. Additionally, the tool provides project templates to facilitate faster workflow and collaboration. A comprehensive walkthrough of Adobe Podcast is also provided to assist users in efficiently using this tool.


  • AI-powered audio recording, editing, and enhancement
  • Integration with Adobe Premiere Pro's speech-to-text technology for editing audio using a transcript
  • Enhance Speech feature for noise and echo reduction
  • Mic Check feature for pre-recording microphone setup
  • Remote recording and automatic cloud synchronization
  • Provision of project templates for collaboration and faster workflow
  • Walkthrough of Adobe Podcast for user assistance


  • Pricing details are not provided.
  • Users can request access to Adobe Podcast

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