Hey, I'm Alec and I built TFH (ToolsForHumans) during a two week break from work over Christmas after becoming obsessed with ChatGPT. The first version did pretty well -

I'm going to launch an analytics dashboard soon!

Third Party Tools Think I'm Killin' It (I wish)

These numbers from SimilarWeb and Ahrefs are highly inflated for total visits and organic traffic, but I'm working towards making these a reality! My background is in SEO, and and so the aim is to establish the site with strong rankings.

Features I've Added For Version 2 - July 2023

  1. Better Tool Profile Pages - Deal widgets to increase CTR to tools, more detailed profiles, use cases embedded into page with the ability to pin favourites to the top, a video widget. Good example of a new profile - Palette.FM.
  2. New Use Case System - Better filters, recommendation system, rankings and badges for profile page depending on position. I'm hoping to turn this into badges that tools can then use in marketing material e.g. 'Most Recommended Tool For Generating Articles - ToolsForHumans.ai' but we'll see!
  3. Business Toolkits - Currently only have one of these rolled out but based on use case recommendations, tools will be placed in these lists that are targeting specific keywords on Google. I have more of these in draft stage.
  4. Tutorial Videos - I've built one out as a proof of concept and hope to publish more, integrated into the case study pages + tool profiles.

Working Together

I really want to work with as many people within the tech and AI space as possible and see where this all goes. If you want to promote your tool, newsletter, resource / whatever else, use the form below and I'll drop you an email.

Happy to discuss anything and everything! I'm currently operating a 'Pay What You Want' model, minimum spend $100, with all money going towards marketing and continually iterating the site, so any support would be greatly appreciated.