Tome is a collaborative AI tool that allows users to generate narratives and create additional content pages within seconds. It enables users to share prototypes, add 3D renderings, and embed live content from the web. Tome features a drag-and-drop creation, one-click themes, and responsive pages, which make content creation seamless. It also has native video recording, live integrations, and easy sharing functionalities, making it perfect for product and design reviews, company strategy, customer education, and sales pitches. Tome is available on the web and iOS devices, and it is free to use.


  • AI-powered narrative generation
  • Multi-format content creation (text, images, 3D renderings, videos)
  • Drag-and-drop creation with responsive pages and one-click themes
  • Live integrations with Figma and other web tools
  • Native video recording for video narration
  • Easy sharing with one-click link sharing
  • Tome iOS app for seamless device syncing


  • Tome is available for free

Popular Use Cases

Videos (Official, Reviews, How-To's)



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