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Synthesys AI Studio is a content creation platform designed to help users create professional AI content at scale. The platform offers an ultra-intuitive user interface that allows users, regardless of their technical ability, to create videos, images, voiceovers, and other types of content easily and quickly.

The tool offers a range of special features, including support for over 60 languages, full HD video exporting, and pitch-perfect lip syncing with custom voices. It allows users to choose from 70+ diverse AI-avatars and 400+ ultra-realistic human-sounding voices in more than 140 languages, enabling them to create accurate and high-quality content drafts rapidly.

The platform integrates with popular content management systems such as WordPress and also offers a free trial version for users to try out its features.

Synthesys AI Studio is designed for creative entrepreneurs, content creators, and businesses who need to create a lot of content quickly and efficiently. Its built-in content generation features ensure that the content generated is not only high-quality and engaging but also factually accurate and relevant to your intended audience.


  • Multi-Voice Functionality: Allows users to create conversations with multiple actors in a single file.
  • Voice Settings: Provides options for users to adjust tone and style of the AI-generated voices.
  • AI Script Assistant: Helps users create engaging scripts for their content.
  • One-click Embedding: Coming soon feature that will let users embed voice files in blog posts easily.


  • Free Plan: Designed for individuals, includes 5 minutes of audio renders per month.
  • Personal Plan ($40/Month): Includes 100 minutes of audio renders per month.
  • Premium Plan ($90/Month): Includes 1800 minutes of audio renders per month.

The platform also offers a Commercial License and has plans to introduce an Enterprise package.

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