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Copy.ai - AI Features, Pricing & Use Cases

Copy.ai is a groundbreaking AI-powered platform designed to fuel your go-to-market strategy by automating various business tasks. This intelligent tool optimizes your sales and marketing processes, including content creation, prospecting at scale, and enriching CRM data, to boost your bottom line. With its AI Marketing OS and AI Sales OS, Copy.ai not only energetically brings your strategies to life but also handles time-consuming tasks, allowing your team to focus more on critical facets of your business.

With robust customization options and seamless integrations, Copy.ai can be tailored for any business model. Itโ€™s trusted by 15+ million users from leading organizations around the world. One of its remarkable features is its zero-retention data policy, which ensures that your inputs are never used for training data, providing an extra layer of security and privacy.

In addition to its free version, Copy.ai also offers monthly and annual paid packages that provide unlimited words in chat, the latest Language Learning Models (LLMs), private community access, workflow credits, customizable workflows, API access, and much more. They cater to individual use and scalable to the needs of enterprises, making it a versatile tool for various content and sales demands.

Whether you need to create blog content, social media posts, email marketing content, or translate languages, Copy.ai is your one-stop solution. It is committed to ensuring its platform evolves with your business, hence, future-proofing your brand in an AI-driven world.


  • AI-powered content generator with over 200+ pre-built workflows
  • Flexible and reliable generative AI platform suitable for businesses at various scales
  • Efficient tool for automating repetitive tasks, freeing team resources for more critical operations
  • Supported by High Quality Data, delivers high quality outputs tailored to your business
  • Comes with AI Marketing and Sales OS, handling time-consuming tasks so your team can focus on their core roles
  • Platform adaptable to your brand voice for seamless content generation
  • Zero-retention data policy ensuring data privacy and security
  • Access to the AI Prompt Library and AI tools
  • Includes an Infobase, Chat feature, and Workflow templates for a well-rounded content creation experience


  • Available pricing plans: Free, Starter, Advanced, Enterprise
  • Free plan includes 1 seat, 2,000 words in Chat, Copy AI Brand Voice, Copy AI Infobase, and requires no credit card
  • Starter and Advanced plans billed monthly or annually - save 25% with annual billing
  • Starter plan at $36 per month, includes 1 seat, unlimited words and projects in Chat, and access to latest LLMs
  • Advanced plan at $186 per month, includes up to 5 seats and additional features
  • Enterprise plan for organizations ready to power their GTM with AI, details available upon contact
  • Switching between plans possible anytime, with prorated amounts for upgrades
  • Unlimited words available on Pro, Team, and Enterprise plans
Last Updated
July 5, 2024 17:08

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