is a generative AI platform designed to help users create high-performing, original, and SEO-optimized content for their digital channels in seconds. The intuitive user interface offers a variety of tools such as AI Chat, AI Writer, AI Translation, and Audio ↔ Text. The platform also includes a unique AI Art feature, which allows users to generate original images for their digital channels.

The platform integrates with popular content management tools and permits users to create and manage all types of content including blog articles, product descriptions, and social media copy. is particularly suitable for marketing teams, e-commerce businesses, publishers, web agencies, bloggers, and large corporations looking to automate and expedite their content creation process.

The unique selling point of lies in its seamless combination of AI and human touch, allowing users to benefit from technology, while maintaining authenticity and relevance in their content.


  • AI Writer: Generate the pieces of content you need in a matter of seconds.
  • AI Chat: Leverage a conversational AI to help with creative ideas and clever suggestions.
  • AI Art: Generate original images for your digital channels.
  • AI Translation: Localize your content into 25+ languages to reach new markets.


  • "Basic Plan" ($9/Month): Includes 10 AI writer templates, AI Chat, AI Translation, Audio ↔ Text, and 25+ languages.
  • "Intermediate Plan" ($39/Month): Includes everything in Basic Plan, plus 25 AI writer templates, Bulk Upload, Connectors, and Priority Support.
  • "Advanced Plan" ($99/Month): Includes everything in the Intermediate Plan, plus 55+ AI writer templates, API, AI Art, and a 1 Hour Live Webinar.
  • "Personalized Plan": A specialized approach developed to fulfill the diverse and complex content needs. Price to be determined based on individual business requirements.

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