Introducing Andi, an AI chatbot designed to revolutionize your searching experience. Using a blend of generative AI, live data, and semantic search technology, Andi navigates the web to answer your questions, find, summarize, and explain information. With Andi, you're not just chatting with a smart AI, but it's like having a dialogue with a trustworthy friend who knows where to find the most relevant information you need.

Unlike conventional search engines, Andi goes beyond providing mere links. It presents a summary of key information from the best sources in a visual feed that is easy to read and understand. This groundbreaking approach provides you with a simplified search experience, removing the need to sift through numerous links to find your exact answer.

Andi stands out with its unique feature of offering an ad-free viewer, allowing you to read articles without distractions from pop-ups and paywalls. This feature adds to creating a safer and more productive browsing environment for you as a user, shielding you from spam, harmful content, and needless tracking. Andi puts user safety and productivity at the center of its operation.

Delving into the nuts and bolts of Andi's technology, it merges the functionalities of generative AI and large language models (LLMs) with live data, smart algorithms, and semantic search technology. This functional blend enables Andi to think before answering, just like a human would. More than that, based on your search context, Andi predicts the best places to find your answers and queries them directly in real-time. This process is a significant shift from the traditional static keyword index approach.

Hailed as pioneers of AI + Chat + Search since its prototypes in 2021 and launch in 2022, Andi has grabbed the attention of publications like Fast Company, TechCrunch, Forbes, VentureBeat and more with its revolutionary tech advancements. Backed by Y Combinator, and some early visionary investors and advisors, the Andi team, consisting of its founders Angela and Jed, is devotedly innovating to uplift the internet space from issues like spam, misinformation, ads, and surveillance capitalism.

Despite its current development stage as an alpha version, Andi remains robust and rapidly improving, making it more user-friendly and efficient. You can easily access Andi either as an app or as your default web browser search engine, even though this feature is still in its experimental phase. Andi aspires to bring you the next-generation of search experience that's more personalized and privacy-centric.

Last but not least, Andi strives to create an active and welcoming community where users can provide feedback and engage in valuable discussions. You can connect with the Andi community via Discord and follow them on major social media platforms. Join the Andi revolution for an innovative search experience and contribute to a better Internet ecosystem.


  • Andi is a search tool developed using generative AI that functions as a smart friend by providing answers instead of plain links.
  • The tool is powered by a new type of engine that combines generative AI with live data and semantic search technology, ensuring accurate results.
  • Features of Andi include answering questions, finding, summarizing and explaining information, and web navigation and search.
  • It is a conversational search tool with a user-friendly and visual intelligent assistant.
  • Instead of using a static keyword index, the tool queries directly in real-time, delivering results in a different way than other search engines or chatbots.
  • Andi values user privacy by promising not to share user data with anyone in any shape or form.
  • The AI search chatbot is available as an app and can be installed as a default web browser search engine.
  • Andi is a product by LazyWeb Inc and it is currently in early testing.


  • Andi is described as a new product in early testing, not yet a commercial release intended for full production use. The specific launch date or availability is not provided.

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