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Meet Andi, an AI-driven search chatbot poised to transform the way you navigate the web. Andi's innovative blend of generative AI, live data, and semantic search technology creates a seamless, chat-friendly search experience. Evolving far beyond conventional search links, Andi delivers precise answers, akin to chatting with a well-informed friend.

What sets Andi apart from traditional search engines is the way it presents its results. Andi summarizes key information from prime sources and lets you visualize these findings in an easy-to-digest visual feed. Now, you can forget about laborious sifting through countless links to pinpoint exactly what you're looking for. This fresh approach ensures a simplified and clutter-free search journey.

Designed with safety and productivity at its core, Andi takes a strong stand against spam, unsolicited content, and tracking. Users can enjoy a clean ad-free viewer that keeps distractions like pop-ups and paywalls at bay. Andi is more than just a search tool; it's a safe haven for a focused and enriching online search experience.

Andi's distinguishing smart technology is a game-changer. By merging generative AI and large language models (LLMs) with live data, smart algorithms, and semantic search technology, Andi brings a human-like thoughtfulness to your search journey. Andi not only understands what you're seeking but also predicts the best places to find it, making your searches targeted and time-efficient.

Pioneers of AI + Chat + Search, Andi has made waves in the industry since its initial prototypes in 2021 and official launch in 2022. This revolutionary technology, backed by Y Combinator and visionary investors, has garnered attention from major publications like Fast Company, TechCrunch, Forbes, VentureBeat and more. The dedicated team helming Andi is committed to remedying issues of spam, misinformation, ads, and surveillance capitalism that plague the internet.

Currently in its alpha stage of development, Andi is continually refining its features to be increasingly user-centric and effective. You can conveniently access Andi either as an app or set it as your default web browser search engine, the latter being in experimental stages. Andi envisions paving the way for a next-gen search experience decidedly personal and privacy-focused.

Andi fosters an active and inclusive community where valuable interactions and feedback are encouraged. You can connect with Andi's community via Discord or other major social media platforms. Experience the power of Andi's innovative search technology and contribute to elevating the Internet ecosystem.


  • Andi is an AI search chatbot offering an accurate, ad-free, and privacy-focused search experience. It uses generative AI combined with live data and semantic search technology.
  • Its functionality includes answering questions, finding, summarizing, and explaining information, and web navigation.
  • The chatbot is committed to providing simple, factually-correct answers that can be trusted along with accurate attribution.
  • Andi presents summarized key information from the best sources and provides a visual feed search result that is easy to read and comprehend.
  • The tool also includes additional features such as a clean ad-free viewer for articles, an option to summarize articles to get to the main point, and an explanation feature to simplify complex pages.
  • Andi works on safety and productivity when you search, by fighting against spam, bad content, and protecting users from ad tech, tracking, and distractions.
  • This search tool uses a new kind of engine, powered by generative AI and large language models (LLMs), live data, smart algorithms, and semantic search technology, enabling it to think before giving answers unlike other chatbots.
  • Andi is a product by a small mission-driven team comprising two founders, Angela and Jed, and some friends. This team places emphasis on fighting against spam, misinformation, and ad tech.
  • The tool is in the early testing stage and is undergoing rapid development. It is currently available as an app and can be used as a default web browser search engine.
  • Privacy is paramount with Andi. It promises not to share user data with anyone and assures users that only they will have access to what they search or read, and where they go online or offline.
  • Andi was formerly known as and has since rebranded, now operating under


  • Andi is described as a new product in early testing, not yet a commercial release intended for full production use. The specific launch date or availability is not provided.

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