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Bard is a conversational AI experiment based on Google's LaMDA technology, which allows users to collaborate with generative AI. It aims to enhance creativity, boost productivity, and assist users in bringing their ideas to life. Bard can help with various tasks such as party planning, decision-making, and simplifying complex topics.

Bard uses the LaMDA language model, a transformer-based model developed by Google in 2017. It learns by analyzing trillions of words to understand the patterns of human language and generate reasonable responses.


  • Collaborative generative AI for enhanced creativity and productivity
  • Assists with various tasks, such as party planning, decision-making, and simplifying complex topics
  • Fluid, multi-turn dialogue capability
  • Creative and helpful collaborator
  • Boosts imagination and helps bring ideas to life

Technical Details:

  • Based on Google's LaMDA (Language Model for Dialogue Applications)
  • Transformer-based model invented by Google in 2017
  • Learns from trillions of words to understand human language patterns
  • Good at predicting reasonable responses

Pricing &Β Availability

  • No pricing mentioned on site.

Use Cases

Simplifying Complex Topics

Bard excels at simplifying highly complex topics, making them easier to understand. It can break down intricate concepts into simpler explanations.


Bard is a useful tool for creating pros and cons lists to aid in making important decisions. It can provide insights and help weigh different factors.

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Cody is an AI assistant that can be trained on your business, team, processes, and clients using your own knowledge base. It provides instant answers to your business questions, boosts employee efficiency, provides support and troubleshoots issues, and brainstorm ideas and suggestions. You can upload documents to Cody, customize it for different uses, and control which source documents it uses in every chat. Cody is not a replacement for human employees, but it can save time and money by completing tasks faster.
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GPTChat for Slack

GPTChat for Slack is an AI tool powered by OpenAI that can be added to your Slack team to generate emails, articles, lists, and code, among other features. To use GPTChat, you need to register and provide your Slack and OpenAI API keys. The tool collects temporary conversation logs for up to 30 days to improve user experience and provide error-handling support, and API keys are stored securely for as long as you use GPTChat for Slack.
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Introducing Andi, the next-generation AI chat assistant for your tool database site. Andi is an accurate, ad-free, and privacy-focused AI search chatbot. Powered by generative AI, live data, and semantic search technology, Andi goes beyond traditional search engines by providing answers in a conversational manner. Users can ask Andi questions, find, summarize, and explain information, and navigate the web seamlessly. Andi's goal is to deliver simple, factually-correct answers from trusted sources while maintaining user privacy. With Andi, users can access articles in an ad-free viewer, save time with AI summaries, and understand complex pages effortlessly. Andi prioritizes safety and productivity by fighting spam, and bad content, and protecting users from ad tech and tracking.

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